Update #52 – All Things Gutenberg

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Why Gutenberg Should Remain a Plugin

Block: Click-to-Tweet

This week Rich Tabor released the first version of Gutenkit, with a Click-to-Tweet feature. You can find it in the WordPress plugin repository for free. Once installed, you are able to add the block to your Gutenberg view of your post.

Here is a video on how to use it. 

After you install the plugin, you will find a block name "Click to tweet" in your Blocks Tab under "Formatting" to insert. Enter the tweet text, you want your users tweet. 

On the right panel, switch to the "Block" tab, and change the settings:

  • add your twitter account,
  • change the background and the text color.

Don't for get to click on "Save Draft" before you preview your post.

The "Click to Tweet" is the first block in Glutenkit plugin. Rick intends to publish more blocks within this new plugin.

Update January 28, 2018: Rich Tabor's new released fixed the #hashtags bug on his plugin

Update #51 Block building demos, toolkit, teaching & learning and more

Gutenberg Click to Tweet Block

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Update #50 Gutenberg

This was published on January 16, 2018 on the Storify, now available on Gutenberg Times. 

Matt Mullenweg’s Q&A About Gutenberg at WordPress Orlando

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Update #49 How do consultants prepare for the work ahead w/ Gutenberg, User are delighted, new courses for users and developers and more

Interesting thread  for consultants and developers on the work ahead and how to deal with it. 

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Update #48 Developing your own Blocks. Will Gutenberg make or break WordPress – a journey around the net.

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Update #47 Gutenberg collection for Developers, Users and strategists

A Brief Overview of Gutenberg

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Update #46 Happy New Year –

Gutenberg will merge with WordPress Core in 2018

The original collection was posted on Storify on Jan 2, 2018 and has been duplicated here to preserve it past Storify End of Life in May 2018.

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Update #45 Twitter Threads and plugins baby steps towards Gutenberg

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