Update #59 New Plugins, Panel discussions, Developer resources and more

WordPress Experts discuss the changes Gutenberg will bring to the eco-system.

#Gutenberg Live Stream with Zac Gordon @zgordon, Joe Casabona @jcasabona  and Birgit Pauli-Haack @bph – We talked about page builders, naming when we merge into core, nested blocks, road maps and more. Sponsored by @GiveWP.

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Update #58 Gutenberg Interviews , blocks plugins & how-tos, and long awaited updates from the core-editor team.

The next milestone for Gutenberg is the merge proposal into core. Today Matias Ventura published a post on what Gutenberg features will make it into core. The post on Github also lists the work that still needs to be done to be ready for the merge.

Also, on Github Zac Gordon found the 'merged' tag on the nested blocks issue(s) so we are now waiting with great anticipation for the next Gutenberg release this week (2.2).

And if you are looking to find out how to write your own Custom Block, you find not only one but two short tutorials on how to get started. Let us know what new Block you created and I will help you test it. 

Github Gist Embed

Monday was the first of the AWP Gutenberg Interview series with Joost de Valk, founder of Yoast SEO and how part of team Yoast works on Gutenberg. 

Today, Wednesday you can listen to another Gutenberg Live Q & A with Zac Gordon and Joe Casabona, featured guest: yours truly. So thrilled to be invited. It's a great honor. We'll update this space with the video as soon as it's published. 

Gutenberg Live Q & A, Interviews & Webinars Schedule

The feature plugin Gutenberg is still in development, and doesn't excite all members of the Community. The ratio of bad reviews however seems to be on the decline.

Quite a few more Gutenberg block as plugins were released. Scroll through the tweets and posts and let us know what you think.

Tips & Tricks for Beginners and Introductions to Gutenberg for users. 

Picture around the World

Jeff Chandler over the WPTavern tweeted that Gutenberg by default doesn't allow comments. So we checked on our site as well and we used our favorite feature "Bulk Edit" to open comments on all posts. So leave you thoughts, suggestions and encouragements:-)

Photo by Boba Jovanovic on Unsplash

Github Gist Embed

Daniel Bachhuber wrote a blog post on how to convert a shortcode to a block  to embed a Github Gist into a post. We used it in our post about Lara Schenck's developer talk at Hollywood WordPress Meetup.

Now also available in the public WordPress plugin repository: 

Gist Block by Pantheon

Update #57 – Gutenberg Online Live Events + Developers views and more

We keep listening to the ongoing conversation about Gutenberg the new visual editor for content on WordPress sites. It's schedule to be released sometime in 2018 with the WordPress 5.0 release. This site uses Gutenberg in production for testing purposes only. 

If you are testing Gutenberg too, the best way to complain about quirks and confusion is to create an issue on the WordPress Gutenberg repository on Github. That's also where you learn more about known issues.
If you have questions, use the live events to get them answered or join the #core-editor channel on the WordPress Slack space. to discuss them with the developer team 

Online Live Events in February & March

Gutenberg Live Events Schedule

Web developers ruminating

A twitter discussion between two developer outside of WordPress eco-system. 


Developers starting adopting their plugins and sites to Gutenberg


Development Tools for Creating Blocks 


How to Build Custom Gutenberg Blocks: a Beginner’s Guide

Where can you learn more about Gutenberg? 
Start here: WordPress.org/Gutenberg

Pictures from Around the World

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Update #56 Gutenberg Block Development, User Intros and how to get your clients ready & more.

Today's edition of the Gutenberg Times updates brings you blog posts, updates, Tweets and Videos around the net. We started in Update 54 to color code the sections. What do you think? It still a bit rough around the edges. Hopefully, I get better at organizing all the tidbits. Enjoy and leave a comment! — Birgit

Photo by Mauro Licul on Unsplash

Zac Gordon, educator of WordPress developers for many year as a guest on the WordPress Weekly podcast hosted by Jeff Chandler and John James Jacoby. Topics: The making of Gutenberg Dev Course when everything is still in flux and might even be renamed. The principles on how to create blocks apply, though. 

If you want to contribute to Gutenberg Code and are a first time contributor, Daniel Bachhuber collected a few Good First Issues for you, so you don't have to read through all 500+ issues to find one you might be able to tackle. 

Good first Gutenberg issues

Gutenberg is also a popular topic at WordCamps and WordPress Meetups around the world. Here is a great example of developer demos by Lara Schenck.

Lara Schenck started exploring Gutenberg Block Development.

In his latest blog post, Rich Tabor takes are beyond the Gutenberg Block

A big block is Pootlepress's plugin "Caxton" brings us the GridBlock. Gutenberg Hub has taken a closer look … 

A Conversations with Ben Pines – Chief Marketing Officer of Elementor Page Builder – If you want to skip to the Gutenberg part, Ben talks about it 11 minutes into the interview. 

"If users are given a little guidance and a sandbox where they can learn the new editor without breaking anything, they should be able to make the switch without too much drama." Brian DeConinck, NC State after user testing.

Brian DeConinck

Gaurav Kumar's introduction to Gutenberg for content creators and bloggers is comprehensive and extremely helpful.

A small agency preparing for Gutenberg

This plugin is on our list for testing in the next couple of weeks. 

Blocks Layouts
Rendering Dynamic Gutenberg Blocks in Theme Template Parts
Will the WordPress Gutenberg Editor Make Content Creation Better?

Pretty cool: Gutenblock that fetch lyrics of songs.

Pictures from around the world

Lara Schenck started exploring Gutenberg Block Development.

Lara Schenck

Lara Schenck recorded a Sloppy Screencast (what a cool name!) of her talk at the Hollywood WordPress Meetup in LA.

She broke it up in Part I and Part II and also published here notes on Gist. 

First, she explains what a Gutenberg Block is and then she walks us through Ahmad Awais 's Create-Guten-Block tool.

Here are Lara's Notes as a Gist on Github

We used Daniel Bachhuber's Gist Gutenberg Block to embed it.

View Gist on GitHub

Update #55 Gutenberg adoption, perception & perspiration

People do some awesome work and great discussions around Gutenberg are happening now! The latest blog posts, discussions and update about Gutenberg – the new WordPress visual page editor coming to the ecosystem in 2018.

Before, y'all dive in head first, I just can't help it: Meet Bubi, the mascot of Anariel Design, with the Gutenberg Times site. This is so cute:-) 

Bear Hugs to Anariel Design. Waving at Ana, Marko and Bubi in Bavaria. 

And for all who want to dive in deeply. …

How to Build Gutenberg Blocks Using JSX

Guarv Pareek shares his Gutenberg-ready themes. Links are in his post


A very detailed, user oriented, introduction to Gutenberg for site owners and content producers.

Discovering developing fun with Gutenberg blocks 

Gutenberg Beginners Tip of the Day by Joe Casabona

Another Beginner's Guide – this one is for developers. 

When the student is ready, the teacher appears. 

If you are up for it, follow above twitter thread with plenty of voices chiming in. 

Are you using shortcodes in your plugin?  Learn how to convert them into a dynamic block for Gutenberg

Page Builder Voices Galore

A look at Gutenberg from the point of view of page builders 

Beaver Builder writes about the paradigm shift Gutenberg is bringing to the ecosystem. 

A deep discussion on page builders and developers among freelancers, agencies and developer.  The excitement is rising. People seem to get comfortable. 

Pictures from around the World 

That's it for today. I will be posting again on Thursday. And here a photo from the beach. Me in my WordPress hoodie next to a lot of posts.  Good  night!

Gutenberg Times Update #54

Good Bye Storify

Today we will continue the curation of Gutenberg posts from around the web and test Gutenberg Embed blocks in real life. I have been using Gutenberg for content production on two live sites and every time i have to go back to the classic editor I briefly grinch. Gutenberg is a wonderful way to publish on the web.

From June 2017 to Jan 23, 2018, I posted 53 updates to Storify, hundreds of tweets, blog posts, videos and photos all around the development of Gutenberg. We will bring all of them over to this site before Storify shuts its doors this Spring.

And now some Gutenberg News

A first look at Gutenberg from the user's point of view.


What's in a Name – What will Gutenberg be called when it's merged into core? A discussion on Github

WP-CLI support for blocks

Joe Casabona and Zac Gordon team up for a  series of Gutenberg Q & A live shows on YouTube. The first happened on January 25, 2018. Here is the recording. 

The next show is on February 7th at 3pm ET.  The dates on further upcoming shows are posted on Gutenberg Courses/AskUs 

The Core-Editor team released a new version on Jan 25th, 2018 – Version 2.1.

Joe Casabona continues his byte-sized Gutenberg Beginners' Tips

Introduction to Gutenberg post by Boxing X – a web development shop

Gutenberg, The Imminent Arrival

Discussion around Meta Boxes continues. An update here.

Ahmad Awais Gutenberg Toolkit made waves around the Twitterverse and got on the radar of Jeff Chandler, editor at WP Tavern.

New Toolkit Simplifies the Process of Creating Gutenberg Blocks

Brian walked users at NC State through Gutenberg

The buzz around Gutenberg really picked up in the last few weeks. 

WooCommerce introduced how they envision product pages and product details to look with Gutenberg.

Matias Ventura, co-lead developer for Gutenberg, shows us how to use "shortcodes" blocks.

Update #52 – All Things Gutenberg

First published on Storify – Now at its permanent home on Gutenberg Times.

Photo by Amador Loureiro on @unsplash

Why Gutenberg Should Remain a Plugin