Last week, I forgot to share with you that there will be no weekend edition this week. My husband and I will enjoy a long weekend mostly offline and away from the screens. We will hang out with friends and their friends at a hacienda in Yucatán. I hope you can also get away from the computers for a time.

In that spirit, I just send you a few links: A couple of reminders, new info on releases and a great discussion for developers on ways to avoid the duplication of code in PHP and JavaScript, when building dynamic blocks.

More next week with Weekend Edition 204.

Yours, 💕

FSE Program Exploration: All Things Media - you still can submit feedback until February 23! Anne McCarthy met with participants on a Hallway Hangout and posted a recording and recap

Gutenberg Developer Hours will be back February 22, 2022, at 11am ET / 16:00 UTC with Joni Halabi, George Mamadashvili and Daisy Olsen, hosted by yours, truly.

The release information

What’s new in Gutenberg 12.6?

WordPress 6.0 Planning Roundup with the preliminary release schedule and partial release squad. Final release suggested schedule for May 24, 2022.

WordPress 5.9.1 is now available as Release Candidate and could use some testing. It's a mammoth release with in total 85 bug fixes.

Developer conversations

Michal Czaplinski started a discussion on GitHub Universal blocks and block hydration. Among other things, it is a follow-up to the Live Q & A discussion How can we make building custom blocks easier?with Helen Hou-Sandí, Mark Jaquith and Riad Benguella from last October 2021.

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