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Welcome, dear WordPress traveler! Stay on top of important Gutenberg news with our four features

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This is probably the fastest way to stay up-to-date, is also the most noisy outlet. We follow the hashtag #Gutenberg and tweet and retweet interesting blog posts and insights from WordPress users, developers and consultants.


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Once a week, we scan the whole web for WordPress Gutenberg keywords, and share the most important web pages, blog posts and discussions. This Microblog also feeds into our weekly newsletter. 


Embedded on “Home”
Here I collect all the remarkable tweets, and blog posts of the last couple of days. These updates on storify will stop with the 53rd Update. With Update #54 we are curating Gutenberg News with Gutenberg on this site. 

eNews via email

The weekly newsletter comes out Mondays at 8am.
We use the RSS-to-Email feature by MailChimp and the Dave Winer’s Radio3.io Microblogging Tool.
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Who is running is this site?

My name is Birgit Pauli-Haack. I am the owner and senior developer of Pauli Systems, a boutique WordPress agency. I also contribute to WordPress as a WordPress Meetup organizer here in Southwest Florida. Also, for the last 3+ years, I have been volunteering on the WordPress Global Community team as a deputy. 

Why Gutenberg Times

Over the last six month, ever since I got back from WordCamp Europe in Paris, I have been curating most of the publications around Gutenberg in a Storify, which just had its 51st update.

In December 2017, Adobe announced they will discontinue Storify in May 2018. They do have an export and an API. Since the announcement, Andrew Norcross has worked on an import plugin for WordPress. 

Some team members asked if I could create a newsletter so people get notified when there were new updates. I realized I would need a different way to curate all the links and then have a method to send out the links once a week. I do this already for other publications. In order to make it possible I needed a WordPress site. – Gutenberg Times.

All editorial content is curated by me personally, and although I try to post inclusive and diverse opinions and perspectives, I am not without my own bias. The content posted here is only my own opinion, doesn’t reflect official views of the Gutenberg team nor of WordPress as a whole. I respect the good faith rules of WordPress meetups find then applicable to for content posted.  The comment section is moderated and is governed by WordCamps’ Code of Conduct. For our call for sponsors we will stay within the WordCamp rules for Sponsors.

Infrastructure and Support

We just signed our first sponsor, Pantheon, providing support that goes towards our time curating, researching and participating on the discussions about Gutenberg. Thank  you to Pantheon.

This site runs as a Kusanagi Virtual Machine  on Microsoft Azure VM. We are testing Kusanagi for NPTechProjects' WP4Good Club. running on Microsoft Azure Sponsorship. Thank you to Microsoft Philanthropies and TechSoup .

Your MailChimp account is sponsored by Pauli Systems, so is the domain name.