This download page is for people who would like to alpha/beta test Gutenberg, but

  • Don’t want to do install NodeJS and npm ✅
  • Don’t want to use the command line ✅
  • Don’t want to download 2.7 Gigabytes in 232,740 files ✅

A friend of mine asked me, “Every two weeks is not fast enough for you”? On October 19, 2020, there were 250 new commits made since the last release (9.1.1) and before the release of 9.2. Any issue you might file, might get a response like “Could you please try it in master, I think it was already fixed.”

If you want to actively test Gutenberg and help to find bugs, quirks or inconsistencies in work flow, you don’t want to waste anyone’s time and use the latest release. You need a fast way to get to a current version of the development.

The goal of this service is to increase the numbers of non-developers to test Gutenberg.

Daily builds from Gutenberg master branch.

Every morning, I build a new zip from master unless git merge upstream/master, indicates, everything is up to date. I call this version Gutenberg Nightly analog to WordPress Nightly in the Beta Tester plugin.

Gutenberg Nightly

January 25th 2021

How to install Gutenberg Nightly?

Step 1: To download *.zip file, click on the above Gutenberg Nightly button

Step 2: Upload the zip file to your test site. Don’t use on live site or in production.

  • Go to WPAdmin > Plugins
  • Click on Add new
  • Click on Upload Plugin
  • Click on Choose File to select your downloaded file from your computer
  • Click on Install Now

If you already have a previous version installed or the stable version, your site will notify you that this plugin is already installed and will show you meta-data from both version so you can make a decision.

It’s safe to click on Replace current with uploaded

Step 3: Activate plugin

How do get updates to Gutenberg Nightly?

Download the plugin GitHub Updater and install the same way, you did the nighly .zip file.
Once activated, this plugin will check the Gutenberg Nightly repository and alert you of updates in your WP Admin > Plugins screen.

Please note that the plugin GitHub Updater has a 12-hour cache.

If you need to update sooner, click the Refresh Cache button on the plugin’s settings page.

History of the experiment.

January 25th, 2021: modified the plugin build command to NO_CHECKS=true npm run build:plugin-zip` – to not have the script run through without user interaction.

More Tweets

January 16th, 2021. The distribute-nightly CLI now includes the SFTP upload of the new build to this site’s files so the above download link always has the newest version.

January 14th, 2021. Today for the first time, the new tag and release was automatically created via the new CLI. I also found out, thanks to Andy Fragen, what cause the bug that prevented GitHub updated to trigger and update.

January 9th, 2021. Continue to work on distribute-nightly CLI for my workflow, using GitHub CLI and NodeJS. Updated successfully existing release asset via CLI.

January 4th, 2021. Used GitHub CLI to create the release.

Screenshot of creating a release via GitHub CLI.

Just added some data on prompt and added the release comments manually via copy/paste from previous releases.

Day 71, December 24, 2020. Yay, a Christmas Edition, just because of the date through. Had to fetch from upstream, seems we got out of sync again.

Day 60, December 13, 2020: New build today. Updates as usual.

Day 58, December 11, 2020: New build today, getting better at solving merge conflicts. Need to come up with some topics to discuss on the Discussion board.

Day 57, December 10th, 2020: Earlier today, Gutenberg 9.5.2. was released. Later I build the nightly update. It’s practically the same.

Day 56, December 9, 2020.

New build today on a new tag (9.5.1-nightly). GitHub also offered their new section “Discussion” and I enabled it for the repository

Also, a Thread on Twitter. with four tweets:

  1. Just released today’s build of Gutenberg Nightly a plugin zip from master Gutenberg branch. 1/3
  2. Gutenberg Nightly daily build can up to your wp-admin/plugins page like any other plugin via the GitHub Updated plugin by @andyfragen 2/3
  3. Today, we opened up the GitHub Discussion tab on the repository, in case you have questions or testing ideas or just share how you are using Gutenberg Nightly
  4. Screenshot how Gutenberg Nightly and GitHub Updater work together to bring updates to your WordPress site.
Screenshot of WP-admin/plugin page with both plugins activated and Gutenberg Nightly showing the message that today's update is available

Originally tweeted by Gutenberg Times (@gutenbergtimes) on December 9, 2020.

Day 54, December 7th, 2020. A couple of days ago, I discovered a thread on GitHub about a plugin zip etc. I suggested GT Nightly to the person seeking help. Here is his answer.

Day 52, December 5th, 2020. New built today.

Day 50 – December 3rd, 2020. That’s a good round number! Merged the updates and created today’s build. Nothing of note, except that I still haven’t gotten any further in automating more of the manual process.

Day 44, November 27, 2020 – New build uploaded.

Day 42, November 25, 2020, New build uploaded.

Learned that “Anyone who has Gutenberg Nightly installed but not active will see an update to the dot org version. If they update or auto-updates are on, they will need to re-install your version.”

I also did a typo in the version since the last one. I had a 1 too many in the version number. Now going back to makes it look like it’s an older version.

Day 38, November 21, 2020, Yesterday 9.4.1 was released. Today, we have a new built. There were 81 new commit since 9.4.1 was released. The Gutenberg team is fierce!

Needed to update npm before the built and merge conflicts sometimes still throw me.

Also, fixed some typos, edit instructions for clarity and added a screenshot of the GitHub Update settings page, showing the Refresh Cache button

Day 36, Nov 19, 2020 – Brand-new build today. Still semi-manual process.

Day 33, Nov 16, 2020 – I am expecting a 9.4 Release candidate version will come out later today

Day 27, Nov 10, 2020. Second day in a row, there were no commits to master.

Day 26, Nov 9, 2020. Updated gb-nightly. Also, tried to create a standard directory on the site, so the new can be FTPed to the live Pantheon server. Turns out, the idea was too simple for Pantheon’s set-up. Need to think of something else, then.

Day 25, Nov 8, 2020. Updated nightly at 11:15. I use two test sites, where I check on things. One of them is a beta-testing site I only use sporadically. It has a bit of a trouble with GitHub Updater. It noticed yesterday’s update and displayed it.

When I clicked on update, I ran into the following error, which – as I understood it – just means the release asset for yesterday’s update isn’t available anymore.

Once, I refreshed the cache on GitHub Updates Settings, it would display the right version and I was able to update the site.

Day 24, Nov 7, 2020. Updated nightly at 8:00. Anne McCarthy mentioned the Nightly version in here blog post: My setup for the latest & greatest for testing Full Site Editing.

Day 23, Nov 6, 2020. A new nightly is available. Over the weekend, I’ll start the second phase for the project and try to automate the steps. This PR might give me a headstart.

Day 22, Nov 5, 2020. It’s the first day after an official release. 48 commits to master since the 9.3 version was released.

Day 21, Nov 4, 2020 Gutenberg 9.3 was released. Also published a Gutenberg nightly for practice purposes and to see if they update is announced by GitHub Updater since the changes from yesterday. Gotta refresh that Cache!

Props for this work on WP Slack.

Day 20, Nov 3, 2020: Built again a zip from master seems to might fix the issue I found yesterday. Yesterday my site to crash with fatal error. Turns out it was caused by Gutenberg and they already had a PR that fixed it. So today, I was able to test what happens when someone has the release Gutenberg plugin installed an upload the Gutenberg Nightly version. It gives an upload update screen:

Using the button ‘Replace current with uploaded’ gets you the Gutenberg Nightly installed.

Day 19, Nov 2, 2020 – Andy Fragen and I optimized the workflow and will test it Friday Nov 6th, when 9.3 is released. For today and tomorrow, I just link to the RC, Thursday to 9.3 and Friday to our new Gutenberg nightly.

Two parts:

  1. Provide a build that has all the proper headers to work with GitHub Updater here

Day 18, Nov 1, 2020 – Updated Gutenberg-nightly file. Consolidated my local environment and manage a gutenberg fork, to eventually release the nightly via GitHub and GitHub Updater.

Day 17, Oct 31, 2020 – Happy Halloween! 👻 🎃 💀👿
No activity on this page.

Day 16, Oct, 30, 2020 – new build ran into quirks because just by uploading the new file, the site created a new file name, which makes it not update the yesterday’s Gutenberg Nightly, but creates a new Gutenberg plugin on your site. Had to delete the previous upload to replace with this. I am working on providing a proper update process for the gutenberg nightly version.

Day 15, Oct 29, 2020 – new build now with changed gutenberg.php which makes it a bit more obvious which version of the plugin you have installed. That’s after some testing that my changing the gutenberg.php files wouldn’t mess up the build.

Day 14, Oct. 28, 2020 – new build. 90 commits since the 9.2.2 release

Also, we had some discussion about this process on Slack in #fse-outreach-experiments, with some great ideas on make this more useable at scale.

Day 13, Oct 27, 2020 – new build after Isabel Brison published some npm packages with bug fixes for 5.6 Beta 2″

First time for me to actually review a PR on Gutenberg repo. I followed these instructions.

Gutenberg plugin 9.2.2 was released earlier today, and there were already 58 commits since then…

WordPress 5.6 Beta 2 was released

Day 12 Oct 26, 2020 – built a new version around 11 am. I didn’t see that there was a 9.2.2 release earlier today… Duh. Also: nosolosw released this 3 hours ago · 58 commits to master since this release

Day 10/11 git pull showed a `Already up to date.` message both days (0ct. 24 + 25)

Day 9, October 23, 2020 – Didn’t get to create the build until after our recording of the Gutenberg Changelog #31, where I mentioned this page. Andy Fragen released Beta tester plugin version 3.0 today.

Day 8, October 22, 2020 — Gutenberg plugin 9.2.1 was released. You can download or update it.

Day 7, October 21, 2020 Gutenberg plugin 9.2 was released.

Preparing the 227-item list for our Gutenberg Changelog episode #31 recording on October 23rd.

Mentioned this project during #core-editor meeting.

Day 6, October 20, 2020 For the next few days I’ll refer the visitors to the Release Candidate and the stable version of the Gutenberg plugin.

Day 5, October 19, 2020 After got the same message git status message earlier this morning, although there were 20+ more commits made, I went ahead and created a new build.

In #core-editor Isabel Brison announced she will create the Gutenberg RC 9.2 early evening my time.

Day 4, October 18, 2020. I didn’t run a new build as the git status gave me a
“Your branch is up to date with ‘origin/master” message.

Day 3, October 17, 2020 While I ran today’s build process, I listened to Helen Hou-Sandi on her Twitch channel getting frustrated that there wouldn’t be a download version to alpha-test Gutenberg and where she tried to find one. Glad I can help out.

Day 2, On October 16, 2020 there was a testing sprint in core for the Widget Screen, and the scrub master added it to the instructions for the test users.

The first time, I posted the zip-from-master file on October 15, 2020. Very early in the Gutenberg development, I would test things, be very diligent with it to make sure I got the real problem isolated, then I would write up complete issues with steps to reproduce and all the pertinent information to find out that a developer has already fixed it and I should test it again in master to make sure. I wasn’t so keen anymore to do early feature testing.

Testing WordPress 5.5 betas and release candidate, and a conversation with the developer of the WordPress Beta Plugin got me thinking, again about that situation. I wrote up some ideas on how to provide a plugin zip file from gutenberg master branch and make it available for other testers.

Big Thanks to Andy Fragen and Anne McCarthy to be a sounding board for my “This should work like my car” idea.

Questions? Email me or DM me on WordPress Slack – @bph or leave a comment.

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