Call for testing of the new Font Library

Update September 24, 2023

Anne McCarthy published FSE Program Testing Call #26: Final touches. The instructions lead you through the array of new features for WordPress 6.4: You get to learn how to manage fonts, get your side organized using the Command Palette and rename Group blocks. Then you are asked to create a new Pattern and finish a Portfolio page. You also get to swap out patterns, and handle the display of a like button. It’s a fun call for Testing for sure and the deadline for feedback is October 9th, 2023.

Update: September 18, 2023

The Font Library is a new WordPress feature that will come to WordPress 6.4. Your help is needed to test the feature that allows you to manage fonts and their variants for your website. You can find the PR on GitHub Font Library: Frontend [Stage 1] #53884 and has been merged on September 15, 2023

Use WordPress playground

The WordPress Playground link was updated to You can use the WordPress playground tool that is already prepped for your test.

Test with your test site using Gutenberg Nightly

If you need to use your own test site setup with LocalWP or any other tools because you are curious how the font library works with your set of plugins, use the Gutenberg Nightly version and start testing on your test site. 

How do you find the Font Manager?

No matter the tool you use, testing an undocumented feature is like jumping into the deep end of the pool and try to learn how to swim.

Here are the steps.

  • From your Dashboard
  • select Appearance > Editor >
  • Click into the canvas side of the screen to enable Edit Mode
  • Use the Style icon to open it in the right sidebar
  • You might already see some fonts listed in the Fonts section
  • Click on the Ab icon on the left to the section header.
  • It opens the Font Manger modal.

Below is a short video how you can find the Font Manager.

Video: How to find the Font Manager

What should you test?

  • You can download font from Google or other free font sites
  • Upload the fonts via Drag and Drop or selecting the files from your computer
  • They should land in the wp-contents/fonts folder.
    New /fonts folder in wp-content directory
  • See that they show up in the Typography section of the Global Styles when enabling Font Family.
  • Delete fonts you don’t need.

Where to report issues?

Report all finding in a comment on the PR on GitHub Font Library: Frontend [Stage 1] #53884, or comment below.

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