Block Editor Gutenberg at WordCamp US

Next week, WordCamp US will take place in St. Louis, Missouri (Nov 1 – 3, 2019) and I’ll get to visit a new state! It’ll be #33 for me. How many states have you visited in the USA?

A year after its official merge into core, the Block Editor has evolved considerably. The Gutenberg team and the community around it exploded with creativity and created block editor plugins, themes and tools all year.

Rumors put the adoption rate of the block editor at approximately at 55%. (Anonymous for now). If true it would be a huge number and also indicates, that an ‘early majority’ of users has adopted the Block Editor in their daily blogging and content and site creation processes.

The back to normal vibe also shows in the list of sessions of WordCamp US, there are two two-hour workshops for developers and designers and one talk about React on Saturday. I anticipate, Matt Mullenweg will share a few words about Gutenberg Phase 2 and the block editor during his one-hour long State of the Word.

The rest of the sessions are all about the web in general, content marketing, testing (code user, visual regression testing), plugin development, SEO and eCommerce, about contributing to WordPress as a developer and non-coder alike, and about Community building. A great variety.

Saturday Block Editor sessions at WordCamp US

WordCamp US Live Stream

If you are not able to make it in person to the WordCamp US you can watch the Live Stream of the regular session rooms (the first 3 columns in the schedule) via the Live Stream page.

Updated: 10/28/19 added link to the live stream page