Full-Site Editing Scope in WordPress 5.8. Weekend (Tiny) Edition #165

Howdy! In the last two weeks there was so much was happening around Gutenberg. To keep you somewhat in the loop, I interrupt my unpacking of way-too-many boxes and share a few links with you. Next week again in full force. Stay tuned. Have a great weekend! Yours, 💕Birgit Grzegorz (Greg) Ziółkowski and I published […]

New Gallery Block, Convert Blocks, Business News and more Weekend Edition #164

Howdy, Despite the new spread of the coronavirus in Europe and the problems around vaccinations, I am quite hopeful to be able to travel again in the second half of the year and visit the homeland after two years. Patience is a virtue. Today, we have a full roster of content for developers, content creators, […]

Full-site Editing MVP: Can I Build a Landing Page?

Josepha Haden Chomphosy was the featured guest on the inaugural episode of the WPTavern Jukebox podcast, hosted by Nathan Wrigley. In their conversation, they covered a lot of ground. The show is definitely worth your 40 minutes of listen. Around minute 23 of the audio they talked a bit more about Full-Site Editing and its […]

Building Forms with Blocks, Work w/ Blocks via GraphQL API, and more – Weekend Edition #163

Howdy, It’s another month, until we know if the Full-site editing experience is good enough for the merge into core. It still has many moving parts that need to fit neatly together to make it a good user experience and allow site owners to design their site within the boundaries of their block-based theme. Discover […]

Gutenberg, Block Editor and WordPress Roadmap

Last updated March 14, 2021 Full-Site Editing Go/NoGo decision for 5.8 Now that WordPress 5.7 is released since March 9th, 2021, the core team is planning 5.8 and putting the next release team together. Josepha Haden Chomphosy published two posts with additional information. Full-site editing pre-merge overview an updated time line of decision-making on the prototype/MVP […]

Using the Block Editor For Content Upgrades, Help Test New Gutenberg Features, Newsletter plugin – Weekend Edition #161

Howdy, howdy! I found some spectacular content for the various use cases of the Block Editor, especially for Content Creators and Site Owners, also new plugins and updates from the WordPress teams. Enjoy! Yours, 💕Birgit Block Editor for Content Creators and Site Owners 19 Gutenberg Features You Might Not Be Aware Of (But Should!)Nick Schäferhoff […]

Block editor for screen readers, Reusable blocks and so much more – Weekend Edition #160

Howdy, howdy! I found plenty of Gutenberg posts around the net. From the DevNotes for the next major WordPress version to plugin updates and first feedback from the FSE second call for testing. With the first release candidate of WordPress 5.7 available, we also get to study the upcoming features and changes via the Field […]

The WordPress Block Patterns Resource List

Introduced to WordPress writers, theme developers and implementers in WordPress 5.5 release, Block Patterns, tested in the Gutenberg plugins since its 7.7 version, came to all WordPress sites. They open the door to be creative with blocks and make creative layouts available for content creators and site editors without using more than the core blocks. […]

Block Manager, Preference Modal, Widget Screen, and so much more – Weekend Edition #158

Howdy, howdy, It’s Saturday again. It’s a more leisurely pace in our 2-person household. We enjoyed breakfast (scrambled eggs, spinach, mushrooms, red beets and avocado) on our Floridian lanai, at 75° F/ 24° C. There are plenty of places that struggle with snow, rain and freezing weather. I wished, I could send you more warmth. […]

Block-Editor Performance, SEO with blocks, Full-Site-Editing and Newspack

Weekend Edition #157 Howdy, howdy, This week, we experienced a release galore! The core team has been busy pushing out three releases: 🙌 🎉 WordPress 5.6.1 with necessary bug fixes of the December version WordPress 5.7 Beta 1 Apart from updates to the Block Editor, new features will come to WordPress core: lazy-loading iframes, streamlined migration from […]