Block Editor Workshops on Learn.WordPress #LearnWP

The community, training, WordPressTV and the marketing teams collaborated and created the official learning site with on-demand video workshops and discussion groups on The teams have been working on the site for several months, and launched it officially this week.

The workshops cover a broad range of topics, from how to use the dashboard to troubleshooting and getting help, to diversity training, to how to contribute to publishing with WordPress. The full catalog holds currently over 30 workshops. Find the six block editor workshops below. We’ll update this post when new workshops become available.

Josepha Haden made Learn.WordPress one of the focus areas for 2021. The purpose of LearnWP is to enable WordPress skills-leveling by providing workshops, pre-recorded trainings, and self-serve learning opportunities on The goal of 2021 is to regularly publish new workshops and lesson plans and maintain a high pass rate on workshop quizzes to establish learner success and comprehension.

Block Editor Workshops content creators, site owners and developers.

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Intro to Publishing

In this workshop, geared towards beginner to intermediate users, we will cover:

  • What is an editor and, more specifically, what is the block editor
  • What are blocks, and how to use them
  • Creating a full post, from scratch, using the block editor
  • Ways to level-up your block editor knowledge for the future

Intro Block Directory

8 min with Angela Jin

  • Understand what the Block Directory is.
  • Learn how to access the Block Directory, search for and download new Blocks.
  • Learn how to manage downloaded Blocks on your site.

Advanced Layouts

26 min with Mel Choyce-Dwan

In this workshop, participants will learn the core concepts of basic blocks provided in all current WordPress installs. We also explore the anatomy of advanced block layout and how to construct more complex and attractive layouts by just using blocks – without any custom code or plugins.

(This is an adaptation of a talk from WPBlockTalk, April 2020)

Intro to Block Patterns Intro to Block Patterns
  • Understand what block patterns are.
  • Learn how to access block patterns.
  • Learn how to add block patterns to posts and pages.
  • Understand how to customize block patterns for your content.

Custom CSS in the Editor

11 min with Tammie Lister

From customizing a block to adding a class in the advanced CSS field, this workshop will guide you through the process of customizing the editor using simple CSS. There will also be a little trip into using the inspector along the way to find the perfect class.

Intro to Block Development

47 min with Jonathan Bossenger

  • Set up a block enabled plugin/enabled your existing plugin to be block-enabled
  • Create a simple block, and the basic elements of a block
  • Use existing WordPress components to create a custom block
  • Create a custom component to use in your custom block

Contributing to Gutenberg and the block-editor