Update #15 Curating Community Voices around Gutenberg, the new WordPress Block Editor.

Three weeks after WordCamp Europe 2017,  pasting content from other writing tools into Gutenberg was on the radar for the development team, and more questions arise. What does it mean for plugin developers, what’s the vision for Gutenberg before it goes into core, and how can you leave feedback, once you tested Gutenberg yourself? 



Disclaimer: Originally posted on Storify, I migrated the posts quoted to this site, in order to preserve the history of the Community voices since I started collecting them in June 2017.

Why is the numbering of the Updates a little off?

The numbering of the updates originated from Storify, which we continued on Gutenberg Times. The first update posted on Gutenberg Times was #49, with Gutenberg 2.0 release.

When we brought earlier updates over from Storify, in April we realized that I counted updates with one or two links as well. We combined some of them into longer posts and now it seems we only started counting at #16. I do have a Google Doc with the dates of all the updates. Not everytime you start out with a plan and even if you do, you change it along the way. So we keep on counting the updates. They are just numbers, but they indicate continuity, history and persistence.