Gutenberg Developers Workshop at WordCamp Miami (Resources)

On Friday, hundreds of WordPress developers spent a few hours learning how to develop Gutenberg blocks at the Developers Workshop prior to WordCamp Miami. 

“The future of WordPress is changing. If you are a WordPress developer and primarily focused on PHP and some JavaScript, then you need to see what the road lies ahead for plugin and themes developers.”

If you make a living out of building solutions for clients with WordPress, then you need to follow along with these development resources.

Updated Januray 24, 2019: Added videos to the sections.

The Future of WordPress

Greg is a passionate code wrangler and open-source contributor based in Oleśnica, Poland. He writes JavaScript at Automattic and helps develop Gutenberg – the new WordPress editing experience. When not coding, Grzegorz enjoys spending time with his adorable wife and daughter. He likes traveling to new places and playing basketball with his friends.


Setup & Introduction to Gutenberg: Tooling And Terminology

Next up was Zac Gordon who walked us through the Gutenberg repository and gave insight into the overall architecture of Gutenberg and the development process for you own Gutenblocks.

Zac Gordon is a professional educator, with a current focus on JavaScript development with and alongside WordPress. Zac has years of experience teaching at and developing curriculum for high schools, colleges, bootcamps and online learning sites like Treehouse, Udemy and Frontend Masters. In addition to teaching, Zac also runs Web Hosting for Students, one of the world’s largest hosting companies dedicated to students and teachers.


Creating Your Very First Gutenberg Block

Brian Richards is the creator of and has been using WordPress since 2007 and training and leading development teams since 2011. In addition to investing his time into training, Brian has had the opportunity to work with many amazing WordPress agencies and experts over these last several years. This has allowed Brian to help develop sites for Microsoft, Disney, TIME, YMCA, and numerous others. Brian has an affinity for self-directed learning and helping others to develop skills and workflows to better solve important and complicated problems. He can’t resist helping good people do great things.

GitHub repository for example code: Gutendev by Brian Richards


Building Custom Gutenberg Blocks: From Static to Dynamic

Josh Pollock is the founder and lead developer of Caldera Labs, creators of Caldera Forms, a drag and drop responsive form builder for WordPress. He is also a WordPress core contributor, author of two books about WordPress development and a member of The WPCrowd.

Github Repository of examples code: Alert Block Examples by Josh Pollock


More Resources working with Gutenberg Blocks in WordPress Development

Gutenberg Documentation on Github

Editor Technical Overview

Design Principles and block design best practices

Development updates on