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One (1) Year of Gutenberg Times, 100 hand-curated Updates since June 2017, the 10th episode of our Live Q & A on YouTube. 45,000 visitors. These are all just numbers. All that matters is that you are here! Thank you. Leave a comment on any of the posts, and tells me more about yourself! 💕

The web gets really interesting when you can add animation and moving art to it. Now the Block editor can be used as an p5js script editor and provide instant preview. Very cool. Enjoy our conversation with Kim Scotland, Bob Dunn and Kori Asthon about how they converted their sites to the block editor and how businesses can take advantage of the new WordPress visual editor for product and affiliate links.

Our friends, Zac Gordon and Joe Casabona published updated or new courses for you. Take advantage of their discounts! Gutenberg is also the topic of three WPCampus sessions. Morten Rand-Hendrickson teaches you how to extend your Themes for the block editor.

And again, Blocks Galore. Cool blocks for your blogs, and great tips for developing plugins and themes for the block editor.

Join us on Friday February 8th, 2019 at 2pm ET / 19:00 UTC for a discussion with the three Gutenberg designers Sarah Semark, Sarah James, and Mark Uraine, sharing information about their research into page building and Phase 2 of Gutenberg. Register Now!

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Wavemaker – This illustrates how waves (like water waves) emerge from particles oscillating in place. Move your mouse to direct the wave. Contributed by Aatish Bhatia, inspired by Orbiters by Dave Whyte.

Courses for Developers - JavaScript for WordPress with Zac Gordon
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