List of WordPress Themes for Full-Site Editing and Resources

A few people ask about WordPress Themes that are already working with the Full-Site Editing system and the new Site Editor. Here is a List as of July 2021.

The Themes are all built while Full-Site Editing is under active development and many features are experimental. Do not use in production or live site. Expect the themes to be wonky at times, until developers have a chance to update the themes for new Gutenberg plugin version. In short: There will be Dragons! 🐉

Oh, yes. You also need to install the Gutenberg plugin.

For the lastest updates pre-release, use the Gutenberg Nightly

Themes for Full-Site Editing in the WordPress repository

I only used TT1 Blocks Theme for FSE-Testing. I rely mostly on Justin Tadlock or others to provide more insights on the various themes. The articles are linked with the theme header.

Armando by Carolyn Newmark

Armando WordPress Theme Provides Insight Into the Current State of Full Site Editing

Block Base by Automattic

Using Blockbase for a theme experiment (ThemeShaper) by Kjell Reigstad

The Automattic Theme Team Announces Blockbase, Its New Block Parent Theme (WordPress Tavern) by Justin Tadlock

Blockbase: A parent theme for block themes (ThemeShaper) by Ben Dwyer

Child themes of Block Base

Mayland Blocks by Automattic

Seedlet Blocks by Automattic

Automattic Launches Mayland Blocks, Its Second FSE Theme on

Block-Based Bosco by Fränk Klein

What I Learned Building a Full-Site Editing Theme

Implementing Global Styles in Block-Based Bosco

Block-Based Bosco, Second Full-Site Editing Theme Lands in the WordPress Directory

Clove by Anariel Design

Clove: A Showcase of Block Patterns by Anariel Design (WPTavern)

Hansen by Uxl Themes

Build a Full WordPress Site via Block Patterns With the Hansen Theme

Naledi by Anariel Design

Anariel Design Launches Naledi, a Block-Based WordPress Theme (WordPress Tavern)

by Ari Stathopoulos

Exploring Full-Site Editing With the Q WordPress Theme

Rick by WPEntire

TT1 Blocks by WordPress contributors

This is the FSE sibling of the Twenty-Twenty-One Theme

If you find any theme missing in this list, let me know.

WordPress Themes team resources

The themes team share their experiments on GitHub. Some listed themes made it as stand-alone theme into the repository listed above.

Contributors also included a script to generate a theme with the minimum necessary to build your own block theme: php new-empty-theme.php.

Every other week, the themes team meets discussion Block-based themes: 2nd and 4th Tuesday at 15:00 UTC (11am EDT) wp-slack channel #themereview

Every week, the Themes team published a roundup post about newly merged changes, and what is discussed on the GitHub repo for Gutenberg. The post also has a few overview issues so you can always catch up on what is in the works. Follow the #gutenberg-themes-roundup tag on the make-blog/themes

Anne McCarthy, developer relations and program manage for the FSE outreach published a post on ThemeShaper with more Resources for block theme development

DevNotes for WordPress 5.8

Developer Documentation

Courses and Tutorials

Updated 7/21 to add Rich Tabor’s article on Block Templates