98 Plugins for the new WordPress Block editor

Over the last 18 months, we have used and tested quite a few plugins providing Blocks beyond the default blocks of Gutenberg or add-ons to the workings of the block editor. Then I started making a list and it became a major undertaking! I was not able to test all plugins mentioned here. So use at your own risk.

We found plugins in the following categories:

Check the Changelog for recent updates

This list of Block editor plugins is not complete, but we are aiming for it. This is a very fast moving target, and I appreciate your help:

If you built or found a plugin that should be on this list, fill out the form on this page and we will add it during our next round of updates. We are exploring building a richer interface for our #280Blocks database. For now this list is it.

Here are the Quick Links to the various plugins sections of this list.

Blocks Suites | Single Blocks | eCommerce | 3rd Party Services | Layouts | Tools

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All-in-one or one block at a time?

There are multiple reasons why a plugin developer would opt for a block collection rather then single purpose block plugins. Two stand-out: One is to make a companion plugin to a Theme, the other is development speed and maintainability. Once a developer starts creating blocks, doing it within the same plugin saves time creating and maintaining the underlying architecture, and she only has to upload one new update. Having it all in one block also simplifies promotion and support.

For the site-owner it’s not that clear cut, though. You might want to use four blocks from one set, and just one from the other set, and the rest will populate the block inserter view.

The block editor has this nice feature to narrow down the creators choice with the last used or often used blocks to be displayed first, and the powerful slash command that helps with the selection of blocks. Some people might get distracted by the vast amount of choices, once you installed two or more block collections. Some of the plugins provide you with a enable/disable feature so you can switch off the blocks you don’t need, and there is are also two plugins available that do this on a site wide basis rather then just for a the blocks of a particular plugin.

Single Purpose Blocks do one thing and only one thing, and do it well. My favorite is the Guidepost by Nick Hamze and the 360 Image by Kevin Bazira. Another reason is to provide a integration path for 3rd party services, like embedding Gumroad digital products, or connect with Mailchimp.

Contributors are discussing who they can make a block manager a built-in feature for WordPress Core. If you are interested you can follow along here.

The most intriguing idea for distributing Gutenberg blocks is Gutenberg Cloud, with a centralized place for blocks and the content creator can select just the blocks they need for a particular site. Gutenberg Cloud was created by Drupal Community members, and aims to o keep blocks CMS agnostic.

Blocks Suites | Single Blocks | eCommerce | 3rd Party Services | Layouts | Tools

Block Suites provide you with a set of various blocks for your posts and pages. They are all bundled into a single plugin. You can have more than one collection installed. As always, make sure you test them for plugin conflict with existing plugins. For your post you can mix and mash blocks for different plugins. It’s actually quite cool.


30 Block Suites – Collections for your WordPress Site

ACF Blocks

Advanced Gutenberg

Advanced Gutenberg Blocks


Atomic Blocks

Blocks Kit



Cosmic Blocks

Demoify Blocks

Designer Blocks

Easy Blocks

Editor Blocks for Gutenberg

Elegant Blocks

Enhanced Blocks




HT Blocks

Mega Blocks

This plugin was closed on May 9, 2019 and is no longer available for download.

Nelio Maps

Get this plugins on WordPress.org

Ninja Gutenberg Blocks

OtFm Gutenberg Spoiler

Otter Blocks

Premium Blocks

Qubely Blocks

Snow Monkey


Stag Blocks


Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg

Ultimate Blocks

Ultra Blocks

WP Munich Blocks

Blocks Suites | Single Blocks | eCommerce | 3rd Party Services | Layouts | Tools

29 Single Purpose Blocks Plugins

Single Purpose Blocks do one thing only, but that very well. Some are very specific in their focus, and some extend existing blocks with much more settings and configurations.

360 Image

360 Video

Accordion Block

Block Gallery – Photo Gallery Gutenberg Blocks

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode


Events Calendar Shortcode & Block

FAQ Blocks


Gosign – Masonry Post Block

GT3 Photo & Video Gallery Block

Guten Post Layouts

Illustrations Block

Info Blocks

Logo Carousel block
“This plugin was closed on May 23, 2019 and is no longer available for download.”


MathML Block

Meow Gallery Block

Organic Profile Block

PDF Viewer

Pop-Up Block

Post Layouts

Pricing Table Block

“This plugin was closed on April 16, 2019 and is no longer available for download.”

Recipe Card Blocks

Simple Code Block

Social Share Buttons

Secure Blocks


Timeline Blocks

WordPress Download Manager

WPSeed Container Block

Video and Image Slider

Blocks Suites | Single Blocks | eCommerce | 3rd Party Services | Layouts | Tools

Courses for Developers - JavaScript for WordPress with Zac Gordon
Check ’em out now!

📢 Now on available: Advanced Gutenberg Development  📢

7 Block Plugins for eCommerce

In this eCommerce category, we list block that provide product blocks for both, eCommerce plugins as well as 3rd Party services.


Dispensary Blocks

Easy Digital Downloads



WooCommerce Blocks

Product Blocks for WooCommerce

Closed July 8th, 2019

Blocks Suites | Single Blocks | eCommerce | 3rd Party Services | Layouts | Tools

6 Blocks for 3rd Party Services


Flow Platform Embed

Google Maps Gutenberg Block

Google Fonts for WordPress

Kona – Instagram Feed

Newsletter Block for Mailchimp

Blocks Suites | Single Blocks | eCommerce | 3rd Party Services | Layouts | Tools

8 Layout and Page Design Plugins


Grid Block


Gutenberg Blocks Design Library

Guten Post Layout

Kadence Blocks


Drop Shadow Boxes

Blocks Suites | Single Blocks | eCommerce | 3rd Party Services | Layouts | Tools

18 Tools for the Block Editor

Advanced Rich Text Tools

Animated Blocks

Archive Mapping and Post Selector Gutenberg Block

Block Background

Block Lab



Blocks CSS

Blocks CSS: CSS Animations for Gutenberg Blocks

Disable Gutenberg Blocks

EditorsKit (renamed from Block Options)

Fabrica Reusable Block Instances

Gutenberg Custom Fields

Gutenberg Manager

JSON Content Importer

Lazy Blocks – Gutenberg Blocks Constructor

Syntax Highligher

WPSiteSynch for Content

Blocks Suites | Single Blocks | eCommerce | 3rd Party Services | Layouts | Tools

How we selected plugins for this list?

As a member of the Global Community Team and part of the organizer Team of WordCamp US, I subscribe to the four freedoms of WordPress and only list plugins that are 100% compatible with the WordPress GPL license.

This first edition also only lists plugins available in the repository, as they are easily downloaded and added to your site. Developers also went through the effort to have their plugin reviewed by the guardians of the ecosystem, the Plugin Review Team.

Some plugins we mention in our Update posts are only available on GitHub are mostly shared with fellow developers to show use cases, explore various ways for a problem solutions, or as examples to shorted the start-up ramp for new developers. Some are so specific and geared towards one custom solution, that it won’t make sense to make them available for a larger groups of site owners, but can provide some additional models for other developers. As soon they make it into the plugins respository, we will list them here, too.

What to do when you run into trouble?

If you at anytime in exploring any plugin you run into trouble, please use the Health Check and Troubleshooting plugin to narrow down the cause and then use the Support Forums associated with the particular plugin to get support and report a bug to the developers. They will be more than happy to help you out and appreciate any feedback.

Blocks Suites | Single Blocks | eCommerce | 3rd Party Services | Layouts | Tools

Featured Image: Photo by Cobro on Unsplash


  • Sep 1: started to breaking up the last post (247 Blocks in single posts)
  • June 3 Added Getwid
  • †May 24:
    • Added WPSiteSynch, Drop Shadow Boxes, Info Boxes.Removed: Logo Carousel block, Pricing Table Block, Mega Blocks
  • May 9: Added ACF Blocks
  • Apr 30: added Block CSS 4 Animations, Reusable Block Instances
  • Apr 11: added Grids
  • Apr 7: Added Listicles, Guten Post Layout, Enhanced Blocks
  • Mar 28: Added MathML Block, FlowPlayer embed, Footnotes, Dispensary Blocks, Product Blocks for Woo, Nelio Maps and Timeline
  • Mar 15: Added EmbedPress, BlockContext
  • Mar 10: added Block Options
  • Mar 9: added Accordion Block, Pop-Up Block
  • Mar 8: added Events Calendar Shortcode & Block
  • Mar 7: Ultimate Blocks, Grid blocks, Container Block
  • Mar 7, 2019: Initial list with 75 plugins


Great review of plug-ins, please do periodic update reports.

Will do. Next category are Form builders 🙂

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This page in unreadable, can you maybe use a more structured design or something?

Hi there, Geraldo.
Yes, I am sorry. It’s a really long post. You might need to wait a bit for everything to download. When I get time again to work on this, I’ll split it up into several pieces. In the meantime, use this page to browse through on the Gutenberg, Blocks search on the WordPress plugin repository.

Hi Paul!
Thank you! Wished I could dive into all of them, test them and shine a light on their authors who make them. I marvel at the great creativity sparked by the block editor.
Which plugins grabbed your immediate attention?

I haven’t had much time to explore many plugins. Of the ones I’ve taken a look at, I like the [Gutenberg Blocks Design Library](https://wordpress.org/plugins/design/) because it uses default blocks to build really nice combinations and layouts.

Thanks for pointing out Design to me, I explored it a bit and I really like that they use native Gutenberg blocks to create their layouts. They are nicely placed into the sidebar of the editor. I show if off last night at the WordPress meetup and people seem to be quite taken by it:-)

The one with that threw me a little is that the blocks aren’t included in the default block browser.

Wow, thanks a lot for putting this together! I was looking for a way to display WooCommerce products in a carousel and “Product Blocks for WooCommerce” was just what I was looking for, so thanks a lot for that!.

I have been doing some testing here as well: https://gu10.blog/


Thanks for your kind words, Alvaro! And I am glad you found what you were looking for. I’ll check out your site over the weekend. Thanks for the link!