Update #55 Gutenberg adoption, perception & perspiration

People do some awesome work and great discussions around Gutenberg are happening now! The latest blog posts, discussions and update about Gutenberg – the new WordPress visual page editor coming to the ecosystem in 2018.

Before, y'all dive in head first, I just can't help it: Meet Bubi, the mascot of Anariel Design, with the Gutenberg Times site. This is so cute:-) 

Bear Hugs to Anariel Design. Waving at Ana, Marko and Bubi in Bavaria. 

And for all who want to dive in deeply. …

How to Build Gutenberg Blocks Using JSX

Guarv Pareek shares his Gutenberg-ready themes. Links are in his post


A very detailed, user oriented, introduction to Gutenberg for site owners and content producers.

Discovering developing fun with Gutenberg blocks 

Gutenberg Beginners Tip of the Day by Joe Casabona

Another Beginner's Guide – this one is for developers. 

When the student is ready, the teacher appears. 

If you are up for it, follow above twitter thread with plenty of voices chiming in. 

Are you using shortcodes in your plugin?  Learn how to convert them into a dynamic block for Gutenberg

Page Builder Voices Galore

A look at Gutenberg from the point of view of page builders 

Beaver Builder writes about the paradigm shift Gutenberg is bringing to the ecosystem. 

A deep discussion on page builders and developers among freelancers, agencies and developer.  The excitement is rising. People seem to get comfortable. 

Pictures from around the World 

That's it for today. I will be posting again on Thursday. And here a photo from the beach. Me in my WordPress hoodie next to a lot of posts.  Good  night!