Update #60 People and community. Great interviews about Gutenberg on video and audio.

Sometimes it's good to take a look from outside the WordPress bubble.

Co-leads Tammie Lister & Matias Ventura spend and hour on the Shop Talk podcast. 

Matt Mullenweg on Biz Podcast "The Top Entrepreneurs" discussing WordPress, open-source etc. with Nathan Latka (recorded in 2017). We transcribed the Gutenberg bids.

Gutenberg is still in beta. It’s an open beta

Joe Casabona at Phyllis Burps Meetup

Steve Ryan @SteveRyan, Arizone State University (ASU) shared how to put your fears about Gutenberg to rest at #WPCampus Online

Some are freaking out about Gutenberg and the changes it'll bring to #WordPress#highered#edtech / Slides are available on Google

Slide by Steve Rayan are available here
Steve Burge, PublishPress, on Gutenberg and the Future of WordPress
Podcast E207 – My take on Gutenberg & 5 take aways
Talking to Your Clients About the WordPress Gutenberg Editor

A silent movie walk-through with upbeat music 

Getting Ready for Gutenberg walk-through by HighRise Digital

Pictures around the World

WordPress Dhaka Meetup – February 2018

Photo courtesy of Rupok Chowdhury Protik

Photo by "My Life Through A Lens" on Unsplash