Update #63 Gutenberg Roll-out, ACF updates, themes handling and more!

What does it mean: "Gutenberg is ready"?

During Monday’s AMA with Matt Mullenweg, the question came up, “When is Gutenberg considered ready to be released in Core?” What does it look like? Another listener asked if Matt could narrow down the release date for WordPress 5.0 apart from “Not April” — You need to watch the video to hear Matt’s answers, but you’ll find a few links where the relevant discussions happen on the GitHub repository. — Birgit
Matt Cromwell Hosts Matt Mullenweg in Q&A Gutenberg Interview

What does it take to make Gutenberg ready for WordPress Core?

  • On GitHub you can review what's listed for the milestone "Feature complete". The team will work on this list for the next few updates of the Featured plugin. Once the features are released, the team might decide to do a couple of bug fix releases before starting on the Merge Proposal.
  • After Feature complete phase comes the Merge Proposal covering all the issues that need to be resolved to integrate Gutenberg as the default editor in WordPress 5.0.  You can follow along with the Merge Proposal milestone on GitHub.
  • Some of the issues on GitHub have the label "Backwards Compatibility". Add what you find missing. This is particular important to make the switch experience bearable for users. Ideally those issues need to be fixed before the merge proposal. But it's not entirely clear where these issues fit into the timeline, as they also cover plugin compatibility issues and discussions on how to handle those.
  • What's missing? What do you need?

Gutenberg and WordPress Themes

Converting old posts to Gutenberg


About Plugins compatibility with Gutenberg

Exciting Developments Coming for ACF as 2018 Rolls On

Testing ACF with Gutenberg is going great. I’m happy to see how well Custom Meta Boxes are being supported in this new JS powered edit screen – everything seems to be working out of the box! — Elliot Condon

 Elliot Condon @elliotcondon is the plugin author of Advanced Custom Fields)

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