Update #64 Developer Conversations + Updates, Plugin and Blocks and Photos from around the world

Developing Gutenberg

Community Video Conversations #GutentagWP

Monday, community members came together in the video series "Guten Tag: Think Outside the Block" on CrowdCast.

Mark Wilkinson hosted a show with Tammie Lister (design lead), Matias Ventura(dev lead) and Miguel Fonseca (gutenberg dev). The discussed roll-out and community input around Gutenberg as well as design issues and answered questions from viewers.

Gutenberg's Github repository is now listing three distinct milestones

  • Featured Complete – Remaining high-level features to conclude the first version of Gutenberg. (7 open issues)
  • Merge Proposal Tracks progress and tasks towards a merge proposal candidate. (71 open issues)
  • 5.0    Items to work on for a 5.0 initial release but which don't have to be part of merge proposal. (16 open issues)

The total number of open issues right for Gutenberg are 589. You can follow along weekly meeting on the WordPress Slack channel #core-editor Wednesday's at 14:00 UTC

#280Blocks Creating Blocks 

How to Build a Gutenberg Block with a Toolbar Control

Plugins & Gutenberg Updates

4,500 Plugins Need Your Help in Determining Gutenberg Compatibility

Themes & Gutenberg

Getting ready for Gutenberg

Implementing Gutenberg for user and customers


Photos from Around the World

Featured Image: Photo by Marco Djallo on Unsplash