Update #67 Developer APIs expanded, plugins auditing, more blocks & How-tos

This week's Update of Gutenberg included changes to the developer APIs to extend Gutenberg's sidebar and block options. Also, the Accessiblity team did intensive testing especially using Gutenberg with a keyboard and logged quite a few issues on the GitHub repository. Gutenberg will be demonstrated at #18NTC's WordPress Day. Read a great article about Why Gutenberg and why now, around the Innovators Dilemma. Learn how a plugin developer audited his flagship plugin to determine the priorities for Gutenberg integration. The Update also contains, guite a few user experience stories and How-tos for content creators as well as new resources for block developing and additional blocks to add to your Gutenberg installation.

Tables of Contents

WordPress Team collaborate on Gutenberg

What’s new in Gutenberg? (29th March)
Accessibility of Gutenberg, the state of play

This was interesting on so many levels. — Birgit

Getting sites & plugins ready for Gutenberg

Do You Wonder If the New WordPress Editor Will Break Your Website? The Answer is….Maybe

Listen to Dustin Hartzler, Website Engineer, talking about Gutenberg on his podcast episode #382

Jeff Starr – Custom Fields for Gutenberg

Using Gutenberg for Content Creation

Moving Paragraphs, Adding images, the slash command and beyond.
My Gutenberg Experience Thus Far
Pros and cons of the new WordPress Gutenberg editor

#280Blocks Building Blocks for Gutenberg

A Custom Profile Block For Gutenberg
Gutenberg Block Recipes by Jeff Start
Advanced Gutenberg Blocks

Advanced Gutenberg Blocks

Advanced Gutenberg Blocks bring awesome blocks for the new WordPress editor, for a real WYSIWYG…

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