Update #69 Gutenberg Updates, Plugins Compatible, Publishers Using, Developers making blocks – a Community Round-up

Before we head into the Round-up of community voices, I have two graphics for you from the advanced view of the Gutenberg plugin.

The first graphic displays the active versions among the various installs. Seems ro ughly  38% of the installs are actually using the 2.6 versions. So when reading through the reviews, it would be good to keep that in mind, that the majority of users are not working from the latest version. If you haven’t updated your plugin yet, you might want to consider doing this now.

The second graphic shows the number of downloads per day. Seems that the distribution of Gutenberg is actually accelerating.

This week’s Round-up is pretty long. Last week, I had to take a break while at the Nonprofit Technology Conference in New Orleans. Use the links in the Table of Contents to jumps to the section that interests you. The top will bring you back to the Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Gutenberg Development Updates

Gutenberg component organisation update


Talking about Gutenberg: YouTube & Podcasts

#8: Sweet Home Automattic, Where We Use Gutenberg


Using Gutenberg as content creators and site owner

Writing with Gutenberg
Is Gutenberg WordPress Editor Worthy of Using?
Publishing on Gutenberg


List of Plugins compatible with Gutenberg



Making Blocks #280blocks

A series by Jim Schofield
Gutenberg Best Practices for Blocks and Themes


Photos From Around the World

Found on Instagram:
Kevin Killingsworth is giving us the lowdown on Gutenberg. #WCKC