What is Gutenberg? An Overview for Users and Content Creators

Let the video show you, what’s possible with the new visual editor for WordPress. Kevin Hoffman of WordImpress created the video for the Gutenberg table at WordCamp Miami. If you are Meetup Organizer and plan a demonstration of Gutenberg, it would be a great start into your evening.
(The video depicts Gutenberg 2.5)

Most users and content creators might not be aware of Gutenberg yet. It’s still in development and the buzz around the WordPress community, is all about development, compatibility or lack thereof, testing and getting it feature complete. It has been available as a plugin since June 2017, and receive almost weekly updates. But times will change. In the not so distant future Core developers might be confident enough for Gutenberg to meet many, many more users via a prompt on the Dashboard to “Try Gutenberg”. Anyone with permissions to install plugins will be enticed to do so. The prompt made is almost into the latest WordPress Core version (4.9.5) but it was pulled from the release candidate version, but it might come in the 4.9.6 version in a few weeks. Read more about the “Try Gutenberg” prompt in this post.

Resources for Users and Content Creators

Writing with Gutenberg