What art can you create with WordPress 6.1?

The Museum of Block Art is looking for submissions using WordPress 6.1 and the evolving design tools available. Create art (and perhaps find some bugs) ahead of the November 1st release or create whenever inspiration strikes when the release comes to a site near you.

Over the last year, the Museum of Block Art was launched, built by and for the WordPress community. The intent is to surprise and show off what one can do with the block editor in the form of making fantastic art. If you look through the site and wonder just how something was made, that’s by design. 

What art can you create with WordPress 6.1?

With WordPress 6.1 bringing an immense number of new design tools on November 1st, there’s a neat opportunity to show how the art one can create with WordPress continues to evolve with the tooling. Just as you might walk through a museum and see how over the years, craftsmanship refined, this WordPress release marks yet another evolution in what’s possible with a true surge in the tools available. What might not have been possible to do before now might be. Consider this your official nudge to give 6.1 a try and see what you can create:

As a reminder, if you’re looking for inspiration for your creations and wondering how folks have made theirs, experimenting is highly recommended; play with dimension controls, duotone, and the Row/Stack/Group blocks. You can also check out this roundup post on all the hard work that’s gone into expanding the tools now found in blocks to get a sense of what’s new. 

Keep in mind that you can always try out 6.1 early by testing the Beta/RC versions (here’s the link to the 6.1 RC2 post with more information). 

A look at what’s next 

When I originally came up with this idea, my mind went wild thinking about printing the art, virtual “exhibits” based on releases, and more; this marks a step into exploring what could be next for the Museum of Block Art with a new checkbox on the submission form asking about whether someone is okay to have their work printed and new pages for each of the last two releases acting as virtual exhibits (WordPress 5.9, WordPress 6.0). While small changes, they set the groundwork for what might be ahead – perhaps you’ll see some of the art grace the next flagship WordCamp event you attend! 

Thank you to Tammie Lister, Rachel Winchester, Rich Tabor, and Ana Segota for making up the lovely review committee for this art museum.