Update #73 Downloads grow fast, block development tutorials grow popular, more community events around Gutenberg

With Gutenberg editor becoming more stable and approaching feature completeness, the download stats of the plugin show its growth at an ever higher rate. Blogs publish more, more block development tutorials. They are the bulk of this week’s round-out post. Also, meetups in New York, Lehigh Valley and in Halifax discussed the upcoming changes to […]

Update #72 Gutenberg Webinars & Courses, Blocks at Google I/O, preparing your themes and clients and more

Table of Contents Gutenberg Development & Core Team What is Gutenberg? A Vision for the Web Online Education Events Blocks Galore #280Blocks Handling Gutenberg Blocks in Themes Photos around the World Gutenberg Development & Core Team Rethinking the separation between editor and blocks for Gutenberg “Existing blocks/plugins will continue to work properly for several Gutenberg […]

Update #71 Building Blocks, Gutenberg 2.8 and more

Today roundup includs a collection of new Gutenberg Blocks and shared knowledge around building Gutenberg Blocks by developers. Also Gutenberg’s next version was released with 105 changlog items.  Find also blog posts and tweets on building Gutenberg ready Themes. Companies, consulants and developers share knowledge around how to get their site or the sites of […]

Update #70 – More Tools for Web builders developing for Gutenberg, Plugin & Themes updates

Quite a few more people started updating tools and tutorials to assist with the migration and transition to Gutenberg: Zac Gordon updated his Gutenberg Block Building course, ServerPress provides a blueprint for Gutenberg testing in a local environment, WordPress VIP announced free resources for the coming weeks. Gutenberg developers released a new version (2.7) which […]

Update #69 Gutenberg Updates, Plugins Compatible, Publishers Using, Developers making blocks – a Community Round-up

Before we head into the Round-up of community voices, I have two graphics for you from the advanced view of the Gutenberg plugin. The first graphic displays the active versions among the various installs. Seems ro ughly  38% of the installs are actually using the 2.6 versions. So when reading through the reviews, it would […]

Update #67 Developer APIs expanded, plugins auditing, more blocks & How-tos

This week's Update of Gutenberg included changes to the developer APIs to extend Gutenberg's sidebar and block options. Also, the Accessiblity team did intensive testing especially using Gutenberg with a keyboard and logged quite a few issues on the GitHub repository. Gutenberg will be demonstrated at #18NTC's WordPress Day. Read a great article about Why […]

Moving Paragraphs, Adding images, the slash command and beyond.

You have installed the Gutenberg plugin on your site. Now what? This post has a few short how-to-videos to that get you over some speed pumps you might encounter along your new journey with the new editing experience in WordPress. Hit me up via the Chat-icon on the bottom of the screen if you have […]

Update #66 – Try Gutenberg prompt in 4.9.6, Mobile and Blocks development – Getting ready for site owners, Around the world and more

Another Roundup of resources, discussions and news around Gutenberg – the new visual editor coming to WordPress in 2018 – Covered: Getting ready for site owners, photos from meetups and WordCamps and block development

Update #64 Developer Conversations + Updates, Plugin and Blocks and Photos from around the world

Developing Gutenberg Community Video Conversations #GutentagWP Monday, community members came together in the video series "Guten Tag: Think Outside the Block" on CrowdCast. Mark Wilkinson hosted a show with Tammie Lister (design lead), Matias Ventura(dev lead) and Miguel Fonseca (gutenberg dev). The discussed roll-out and community input around Gutenberg as well as design issues and […]