Update #105 ACF Blocks – AMP Stories – Accessibility Report & Gutenberg 5.6

Wow! A lot has happened since the last round-up post. Where to begin? I just returned from WordCamp Atlanta and among other things, I listened to every Gutenberg related talk: Micah Wood, Rich Tabor and Victor Ramirez. They did a terrific job helping content creators, developers, publishers and consultants dive deeper into the most significant change in WordPress since Custom Post Types. The possibilities are endless.

There has been a lot more going in the last four weeks, and I hope you come back to this post multiple times to take it all in.

Some highlights:

  • The Accessibility Report via WPCampus was published.
  • ACF came out with its 5.8 version providing a non-JavaScript way to built blocks at scale.
  • Building AMP Stories will be possible soon, check out the Alpha version of the AMP plugin
  • After Drupal, another CMS OctoberCMS is testing the waters in using Gutenberg as editor, and there is a Laravel plugin called Laraberg.
  • Two more version of Gutenberg plugin 5.5 and 5.6 came out.

These are only five of the 30+ other notable blog posts, plugins, themes and tutorials around the block editor listed. Enjoy! I am so glad you are here! — Yours, Birgit ๐Ÿ’•

PS: Tell me what you enjoy or are missing, or what cool things you are working on. Or anything really. Leave a comment or write an email to pauli@gutenbergtimes.com

Table of Contents

Using Gutenberg for Content Creators, Editors and Bloggers

Andrea Zoellner:
Empower Your Storytelling With Gutenberg:
How to use blocks to boost your communication
WordCamp Orange County 2019

WPCampus releases results of the Gutenberg accessibility audit

“An inaccessible editing experience has real and significant consequences for many people in our community. The findings provided by Tenon are serious, and deserve to be considered with thought and care.” wrote Rachel Cherry on WPCampus.


Plugins for Gutenberg

Rohit Motwani: Adapt or dine โ€“ How to make your plugin Gutenberg compatible and WooComerce QandA

Themes for the Block editor

Building Blocks Tutorials, Slide-decks and more

WordPress Design & Development News

Gutenberg Beyond WordPress

1 Comment

I noticed WordPress 5.2 includes widgets converted to blocks. I don’t think this was heavily advertised. However, when I check the widgets under Blocks it seems not quite all the widgets were converted; like Pages. Did anyone else notice this?

By the way when adding widgets in the Block Editor they do look nice but need some styling elements made available.

Nice job to the 5.2 WordPress development team!