Update #71 Building Blocks, Gutenberg 2.8 and more

Today roundup includs a collection of new Gutenberg Blocks and shared knowledge around building Gutenberg Blocks by developers. Also Gutenberg’s next version was released with 105 changlog items.  Find also blog posts and tweets on building Gutenberg ready Themes. Companies, consulants and developers share knowledge around how to get their site or the sites of their clients Gutenberg ready. We also share the resource of known issues with plugins and themes. Grab a coffee or tea or your other favorite beverage and happy reading.

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Gutenberg Development Updates

What’s new in Gutenberg? (May the 4th)

This release has many refinements and improves the capabilities of the Block and Plugin APIs. It also adds a new “spacer” block for generating visual space. The color palette component has been improved to be based on classes instead of inline styles (for registered colors) and includes some important accessibility improvements (like naming the color). Thank you to everyone involved!

Matias Ventura, Gutenberg Dev Lead, May 4th, 2018


Building Blocks #280blocks

Zach Silveira also posted a YouTube video to walk you through it.

When You Need Blocks
By Mika Epstein, WordPress.org plugin review team member
WordPress Gutenberg — Arrays, Attributes, and the Fundamental Flaw
Surfacing Gutenberg Blocks in the WordPress REST API


Themes & Gutenberg

Themify Is Ready For WordPress Gutenberg!


Getting Ready for Gutenberg

Andrew Fleming from the Dow Jones Media Groupshared the story of how their publication Moneyish is approaching the transition to Gutenberg.

To Try or Not to Try? Themes & Plugins: Known conflicts with Gutenberg


Photos from Around the World

Andrew at The Dayton WordPress meetup explaining the ins and outs of the new Gutenberg editor that will appear in the upcoming version of WordPress, version 5.0. (April 19, 2018)

For those of you who can’t read the low contract slide:

  • Better, leaner Themes
  • Improved Plugins
  • Page Building Becomes Standard
  • Better Developers
  • Interaction with other communities


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