To Try or Not to Try? Themes & Plugins: Known conflicts with Gutenberg

In January, I wrote on the WP4Good blog
Although, many Themes and Plugin developers started working on Blocks for Gutenberg, teams of larger projects won’t be able to start compatibility testing until the first beta version [of WordPress 5.0] is released. Fast iteration and patches will follow for issues discovered. There might be a few surprises for the Gutenberg development team.
Since then I have been keeping an unsorted list of plugins and themes that are reported ‘wonky’ to some extend. Within several weeks, the next version of WordPress (4.9.6) will have a dashboard prompt to “Try Gutenberg” with a two-click process to install it as a “Feature Plugin” and test it. Knowing which plugins won’t work, will help with the decision to try or not to try. Here is our list. It is in no way comprehensive, but it’s a start. This is a loose collection of plugins, themes or environments that do not yet work properly with the “feature plugin” Gutenberg. We’ll updated the list on a regular basis.

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Plugins with Gutenberg quirks

Daniel Bachhuber created a database of the top 5,000 plugins of the repository. In partnership with WPSandbox, he also created a process to spin up new WordPress sites on the fly to test each plugin on its own site. Check it out: Gutenberg Plugin Compatibility. This project needs dedicated volunteers, who can test dozens of plugins at a time.

Click on the links below to get to the reported issue to determine if it’s a critical issues for your website.

3rd Party Page Builders

In general, sites that use 3rd party page builders should not use Gutenberg on their live sites. All of the builders’ developers indicate that they are working on Gutenberg compatible versions, however as far as I can tell, they have yet to be released. They, too are waiting for a beta version of WordPress 5.0.

Themes, not yet compatible


Q: Will this theme be compatible with WP’s Gutenberg release?
It will be. I’m testing some updated styles right now, that allow use of Gutenberg functionality like wide images. I’ll most likely add them to the theme very shortly. With that said though, they may change slightly while Gutenberg is still in development. Theme Author: Anthony Hortin


As soon as a WP 5.0 Beta is released we probably will do. But I am willing to bet a good amount that this is not going to happen soon. I predict we have several months until a final release and at least a few until we get a core version that includes the Gutenberg plugin. However: once a Beta version is available we will be able to implement all changes we need to quickly. We got 2 new developers on board so it will probably take us a week or two to have a version for Enfold that works fine with Gutenberg. So what I am trying to say (basically): don’t worry we will take care of everything, no need for you to do anything else other than installing the latest Enfold version 😉 4/18 official statement by Kriesi


ThemeFusion will ensure Avada will continue to be fully compatible with future WordPress versions and will always enhance it to provide extra features and functionality. We are here for our customers and always will be. Our current goals have not changed and we are very excited about what is coming in 2018. We are closely watching the progress of Gutenberg as we do with every WordPress update. Our team will stay on top of the milestones of the Gutenberg development and will make sure that you can enjoy the the familiar working experience with Avada for the years to come.

Generate Press (Premium)

Seems Gutenberg Editor works except for “Sections”. The Theme defaults to the Classic Editor.
I’m kind of just waiting. There’s discussion happening within Gutenberg about creating a “Section” block.If they do that, we’ll wait until it’s possible to extend existing blocks, and will add our current Sections options to the existing Section block.If they don’t, we’ll likely build our own Sections block, however I’m not a big fan of that, as you’d likely lose your content if you switched themes. Tom Usborne, Theme Authors Generate Press

Environment Issues

Report incompatibilities

If you know of other plugins or themes that don’t work with Gutenberg yet, please comment on this post or send me a private note via below form.

Let us know how to get back to you.

What Plugins or Themes are we missing?

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If you are working for a nonprofit organization and need an assessment of your site’s Gutenberg readiness, our friends at WP4Good will be able to assist you. If you are working / owning business and you need help with testing and evaluation of your site’s Gutenberg readiness contact our team at Pauli Systems

3 thoughts on “To Try or Not to Try? Themes & Plugins: Known conflicts with Gutenberg

  1. It makes sense that some themes will be up and running with Gutenberg which is a good thing as it will show the potential of what can be done with blocks.

    I note one vendor is looking for a section block. This and perhaps a row section which in turn wraps columns would be where things could kick off for the page builders. Until then there would be no point say making a block to wrap a whole page layout.

    What I hope to see is a basic foundation in the form of blocks representing a box model that the various page builders can hook into with a robust api. That way the end user could switch themes and builders seamlessly with the basic content and layout structure maintained.

    I noticed one reviewer in the last day or two complain that Gutenberg in its current form doesn’t give the user a true representation of what they will get on the front end. For some novice users this would be the final bar to jumping into WordPress as a viable option for getting online with a site.

    To some degree page builders cover this but I am still a bit sceptical that they are the answer to frictionless design without the cognitive load for new users. This is why I would like if Gutenberg did the page builder thing albeit at a rudimentary level as a gateway for new users to the WordPress platform.

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