Update #76 Roadmap announced, User Feedback and Blocks Galore

The biggest story is Matt Mullenweg’s announced roadmap for the Gutenberg roll-out to thousands more users with wp.com as well as the “Try Gutenberg prompt” and integration into core to get ready for the WordPress 5.0 release. Tammie Lister created a feedback from for all the users. We also list more plugins providing custom blocks for your sites, stories of how to get sites ready for Gutenberg and the new test plugin to manage Gutenberg on a single post basis. And lots more photos from Gutenberg events around the world.

Table of Content

Gutenberg Development and WordPress 5.0

Transcript is available here. This is just the part about Gutenberg. The full talk will be posted on WordPress TV soon.
Gutenberg Team Panel Talks Release Timeline, Theme Building, and Customization at WCEU
How to Help Gutenberg Become a Success

Using Gutenberg

Giving Feedback

Got insights, thoughts, feedback or comments about Gutenberg. Tammie Lister and the Gutenberg development team are just waiting to hear from you. Use the insta-feedback form

Plugins and Blocks

53 Resources for Developers & Designers building Blocks for Gutenberg
View at Medium.com
How to Create Your First Gutenberg Block with CGB

Themes for Gutenberg

Getting sites Gutenberg-Ready


Photos from around the World

Photo by Ron Whitaker on Unsplash