Update #77 – New User Tool Tips, Testing Themes, More Blocks, a Roadmap and Developers Chiming In

Was last week geared mostly towards developers, this week, the round-up has more resources for users, site owners and consultants dealing with transition and how to make Gutenberg work for their sites. Of course, a few more developer resources are a listed as well. Grab your cup o’Joe or Green Tea, Kombucha, Beer or Wine and start reading and listening! 

Today’s Sections

Developing Gutenberg

What’s New in Gutenberg? (21st June)


Using Gutenberg



Block Development

Building Dynamic Blocks for the Gutenberg Editor in WordPress
Easy Read and Pictograms blocks for Gutenberg
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Getting Sites Ready for Gutenberg

How to Test Your Theme for Gutenberg?


Photos from around the World


Photo by Chris Barbalis on Unsplash