Update #82 – WordPress Community Getting Ready for Gutenberg. More Opinions, Plugins and Blocks

On Tuesday, if all goes well, the “try Gutenberg” prompt will appear in a WordPress dashboard near you.  Below, you’ll find a series of articles on how best to make a decision about testing Gutenberg, how to copy your site to a staging area and which plugin to install to best manage the Gutenberg experience and prepare for WordPress 5.0. Some Bloggers will go ahead and use Gutenberg on their live site and they will find a few more custom block plugins and help to make their  Themes Gutenberg ready. Awesome tips and tricks for block and plugin developers, too.

Table of Contents

How to Best  Get Ready for Gutenberg

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Themes Development in Times of Gutenberg


Plugins getting ready for Gutenberg

Yoast’s update on its Gutenberg Efforts

“Of course our own plugins need to be ready to integrate seamlessly with the Gutenberg editor when it’s there. Not something to take lightly! So we have a special team that’s fully dedicated to make sure we’re ready when Gutenberg is. They’re completely rebuilding all parts of the Yoast SEO plugin in the JavaScript library React, amongst others. Soon we’ll be able to tell and show you more on this. So make sure to keep an eye on our updates.”

wrote Willemien Hallebeck


Block Development #280Blocks


Photos from Around the World

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