Update: “Try Gutenberg” Call-out pushed to 4.9.7

Update May 8th, 2018 

Yesterday, the hosting team published their notes from the May 2nd meeting.  Mark Schroeder confirmed that Try Gutenberg has been pushed to the next 4.9. version.

More Notes regarding the “Try Gutenberg” prompt

Known Issues with Themes & Plugins
To make it easier for users/site owners to decide if they should try it, we published a list of known issues with Themes and Plugins. and link to the various sources.  Try or not to Try?  The post was first published end of April, but received more attention just last week.

Trac Discussion on Try Gutenberg prompt
In his article about the Try Gutenberg prompt, WPTavern’s Jeff Chandler wrote a nice overview on the discussion behind the scenes on how the prompt should appear in the dashboard. 

Fix issues first, before thousands of users hit Gutenberg
Daniel Bachhuber identified a set of known issues from the Github repository, which he thinks should be fixed before the Try Gutenberg prompt is added to a WordPress core version.

Update March 27, 2018
Tonight, Jb Audras,  announced the release of the 4.9.5 RC version.

“The Try Gutenberg callout will ultimately not land in 4.9.5 release. There are still a few issues that need to get fixed before it’s ready for the level of attention this will bring. It will probably land in a dedicated 4.9.6 release in a few weeks (also see related trac ticket: #41316)”

“Unfortunately, there are still a few more issues in Gutenberg that we need to get fixed before it’s ready for the level of attention this will bring, so we’ll probably aim for a small, quick 4.9.6 release a week or so after 4.9.5.

Gary Pendergast (pento), Core Committer, wrote earlier.

Try Gutenberg prompt in WordPress Dashboard version 4.9.5

To encourage more people to try Gutenberg, this new Dashboard box allows site users to easily install and try out Gutenberg.

Demo Gif Try Gutenberg WordPress 4.9.5
Animated GIF in Dashboard prompt for Gutenberg in WordPress 4.9.5

While testing Beta 1 of WordPress version 4.9.5 I didn’t see a Call-out to try Gutenberg in the Dashboard.  However, lurking in on the latest meetings in Slack channels #Core & #Forum I found out the call out to site owners and users will be available with the RC on March 27, 2018 and then released with the WordPress 4.9.5. version on April 3rd, 2018. At least that’s the plan for now.

The corresponding Trac-ticket was closed a few hours ago. Props: Gary Pendergast, Mel Choyce, Joen Asmussen, Tammy Lister, Joe Mcgill, Sergey Biryukov, Aaron Jorbin 

As to the actual Call out to Install / Activate the plugin, there are three different messages:

  • If Gutenberg is not installed, and the user can install plugins, show the Install Today button.
  • If Gutenberg is installed but not activated, and the user can install plugins, show the Activate Today button.
  • If Gutenberg is installed and activated, and the user can edit posts, show the Try Today button.
  • For any other cases (ie, Gutenberg isn’t installed, and the user can’t install plugins; the user can’t edit posts), the button “Install Today”  is hidden.

We also learn from the trac-ticket the different iterations on the layout. Five months ago, the team already went through the design phase, but it also felt was still to early for the 4.8.x version and it was pushed into 4.9, 4.9.1 etc to 4.9.5. The Gutenberg Dev Team seems to be comfortable now to have a whole lot of more users us Gutenberg on their sites.

The #forum contributors & volunteers are preparing for the onslaught of – possibly – millions of  people trying out Gutenberg and having questions together with the Gutenberg development team.

During the meeting one member suggested strongly to add the following sentence to the call out:

“If you are not comfortable with, or have doubts about using pre-release software, you should not install this plugin.”

Another team member suggested also to reach out to Themes and Plugin developers and let them know about the call-out, just in case they don’t see it in the Release Candidate.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The first questions that came up in the forum meetings and their answers:

Q: Can I go back to the old editor?

A: Yes, just uninstall the Gutenberg plugin. (After 5.0: Yes, just install the Classic Editor plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/classic-editor/)

Q: What happens if I disable the Gutenberg plugin?

A: Your posts will largely remain in tact, but you may need to provide your own styling for the few elements that Gutenberg was providing styling for, and replace a few blocks.

Q: Will switching to Gutenberg affect my existing content?

A: No.

Q: Can I edit existing content in Gutenberg?

A: Yes, you can continue editing using the classic bloc (which mimics the behavior of the current editor inside Gutenberg) or you can try the “convert to blocks” option to split the content to the regular Gutenberg blocks.

Q: Can I use it with my themes visual page builder?

A: Some plugins may have started working on their Gutenberg support, but when testing with the plugin it is not unlikely that some of them may not work with Gutenberg yet.

Q: Why there is not an option in the dashboard for switching between G and old editor?

A: There is, hover over a post and you can use the classic editor for that post, it’s an option along with the usual edit, quick edit and trash links.

We’ll update the list before the release,

Here is the link to the FAQs in Gutenberg Handbook

How can you help?

Starting April 4th, 2018, assist other users in the Gutenberg plugin support forum. If you are already comfortable using Gutenberg on your own site, and you have some time to spare,it would be very helpful, if you could answer questions in the support forum of the feature plugin once the WordPress 4.9.5 is released.

Where should issues be reported?

Updated: Feb 24: The support team expects users to report issues on the support forum of the feature plugin. Support contributors check if it’s a legitimate issue and create a ticket on the GitHub repository of Gutenberg

How can the “Try Gutenberg” prompt be hidden from the Dashboard?

There are some folks out there, feeling their site owners or users should not see the “Try Gutenberg” prompt. One of them built a plugin that’s available on GitHub. 

Gutenberg myth-busting: 10 answers on the future of content creation in WordPress

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