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This is a collection of WordPress.TV videos about Gutenberg. They are recordings of talks, presentations or workshops at WordCamps around the world. Here we publish those in englisch language. You’ll find similar talks in other languages to on WordPress.TV. Not every video is for all users, so we divided them up into various sections. Click on the link in the Table of Contents to reach the section more relevant to you. If you do know nothing about Gutenberg, here is a links to a demo.

Demo: What is Gutenberg?
What is Gutenberg? An overview of the features and benefits of Gutenberg, the new block-based editor for WordPress 5.0.

Table of Contents

Architecture and Vision

Matt Mullenweg: A Summertime Update – Keynote and Q&A
A 50 minute session with Matt Mullenweg, co-founder of WordPress: it includes a 30 minute keynote, followed by and 20 minutes of Q&A from the audience.

See also here for transcript: Matt Mullenweg announced Roadmap for Gutenberg Roll-out – bph

Kevin Killingsworth – Gutenberg: What You Need To Know
Gutenberg is the next editor for WordPress. Designed from the ground up for usability, it brings big wins for users of WordPress along with some great possibilities for plugin and theme developers. Simplifying shortcodes and visual editing are just the beginning! See what is possible with the Gutenberg editor today and where the future can lead! Kevin will lead you through a jaunt of how to use Gutenberg right now, and show how you can get involved today! Presentation Slides » 49:28 min

Matías Ventura: Beyond Gutenberg
This talk explores the principles behind some of the original decisions behind Gutenberg. What does it mean to build around HTML and treating the user’s content as the privileged actor? How does Gutenberg work internally to power the editing experience? This talk dives on the technical side of the project and its implications for democratizing publishing.
Presentation Slides 46:32 min

Tammie Lister: Anatomy of a block: Gutenberg design patterns
What are the little blocks made of? In this deep dive into Gutenberg’s design patterns, we’ll start looking at existing Gutenberg blocks, taking you through the design patterns used. From there, you will learn how to harness these patterns and use them to create your own blocks. Learn how to design a block the right way, and build on the strong design foundations within Gutenberg.  Presentation Slides » | 32:51 min

Marcel Bootsman: Meet Gutenberg, the future of WordPress publishing.
There’s something new on the way for WordPress. The editor as we know it is about to be replaced by a thing called Gutenberg. After this talk you will be inspired to try/test Gutenberg a day possibly contribute in giving feedback, asking questions or even add some pull requests. Presentation Slides

Brandon Payton: Gutenberg: Changing the Landscape of the Open Web
Gutenberg transforms how we think about content in WordPress and will ship with WordPress 5.0. In this session, we’ll discuss what Gutenberg is, why we need it, and where it is today. Finally, we’ll look at where the community is taking Gutenberg, including major improvements to site customization. Presentation Slides »

Andrew Roberts: The What and Why of Gutenberg
Learn the history and design philosophy behind Gutenberg, the new editor in WordPress, from one of the Gutenberg team members. Find out how it relates to TinyMCE and when you can expect to see it in WordPress Core. The talk will include demo and update on the progress of Gutenberg.

Niels Lange: Gutenberg for Modern Editing
Learn about Gutenberg, the new editor that is coming to WordPress!

Morten Rand-Hendriksen: Gutenberg and the WordPress of Tomorrow
“What do I need to learn to become a WordPress developer?” This question pops up in forums, social media, and everywhere else on a daily basis. I think a better question is “How do I prepare for a future that looks nothing like the status quo?”. Tech is changing at incredible speed, and what we consider important skills today may be meaningless a year from now. This talk is a discussion of what technologies are on the horizon, how the web and the internet will change, and how we can all prepare for a future with or without WordPress

Matt Mullenweg: State of the Word 2017
The State of the Word is the annual keynote address at WordCamp US, presented by the co-founder of WordPress, Matt Mullenweg. In this year’s address, Matt summarizes the highlights of 2017 — including the 4.8 and 4.9 releases — and previews what we can look forward to in 2018 ( spoiler: it’s Gutenberg ) Presentation Slides (Gutenberg part starts at 34:00 min )


Block Development

Chris Van Patten: “Decisions, not Options” in the Age of Gutenberg
Gutenberg will usher in an era of unprecedented customisation for non-technical users and editorial teams. It’s incredibly exciting… and simultaneously terrifying. In this talk, you’ll learn strategies you can employ—code snippets, training tips, and UX improvements—that you can use to ensure users have all the customisability they need, without the risks and downsides. Chris published the slides on his blog – 41:32

Denis Snell: Extending Gutenberg – We’re not in PHP anymore
In this talk we’ll discuss how the Gutenberg editing model differs from the traditional WordPress flow and what implications that has on people wanting to augment and transform content. We’ll also take look at new possibilities for enhancing the editor itself with interactive controls and integrations into external services.
We’ll focus on what this means to the developer writing new plugins or updating existing ones to support and enhance the editing experience, what we can now do that we previously couldn’t, and how the application design guides extensibility. 37:43

Josh Pollock: Gutenberg Block Basics
It’s time for WordPress developers to start thinking in blocks. Sounds great, but…

  • How do you create a block?
  • How deeply do you need to know JavaScript to create a block?
  • What hooks will you use?
  • What are the types of blocks you can build?
  • Where can we save our blocks data?

Get answers to these questions, with example codes and lots of links to learn more. This is a talk aimed at intermediate to advanced developers, who already know JavaScript somewhat deeply. If you’re wondering what it means to build a custom block or extend a core block, this talk is for you. Learn what the new WordPress way of extending the post editor is and what cool things you can build with it. Slides 1:04:09 hr

Eric Debelak : Getting Started with Gutenberg Blocks
So you’ve probably heard about Gutenberg, but how do you start building your own Gutenberg blocks? We’ll cover tooling and the basics to create simple blocks. I’ll also walk through a simple example to help attendees feel comfortable enough to get started.  Slides & Code 35:22

Eric Debelak: Creating Advanced Gutenberg Blocks
Gutenberg is so new and comes with many built-in blocks, but how do you create interactive, dynamic and advanced Gutenberg blocks? We’ll cover topics like API calls to 3rd party services, server side rendering, advanced settings, using custom React components and other topics to help attendees start making advanced Gutenberg blocks. Slides & Code  54:52 min

Kevin Dees: Coding Gutenberg Blocks
In this talk we will cover what Gutenberg blocks are, how to start programming them, and answer the question “Is Gutenberg really the future of WordPress?” Presentation Slides »

AWP Gutenberg Interview Series with Ahmad Awais
This is the first of FOUR interviews we are doing in February 2018. This series is focused on the upcoming new block-based editor coming to WordPress 5.0, named Gutenberg. In this second interview, we chat with Ahmad Awais. Ahmad has created two different tools for development with Gutenberg. A Gutenblock boilerplate, and a new Toolkit.

Sidenote: If you feel you need to level up your JavaScript and React knowledge:

Wes Bos,
long time JavaScript educator, published two courses: very affordable React For Beginners and a free JavaScript 30 course.

Zac Gordon
, WordPress teacher par excellence, published the Learn JavaScript Deeply Course and Gutenberg Block Development Course.


Getting Gutenberg-Ready: People, Plugins, Sites

Lauren Etheridge and Miles Elliott: The Blockenspiel: Tackling Gutenberg Development
In this talk, we will cover how the central IT web team at NC State reworked development processes and tools to fit within a GutenWorld. We will discuss changing coding practices, new vocabulary, and cross-departmental collaboration all coming together in a campus-wide Blocks plugin. Attendees of this talk will come away with strategies for adapting to change and working collaboratively, as well as a framework for developing a set of blocks for your campus.  | 58:03 Min

AWP Gutenberg Interview Series with Joost de Valk
This is the first of FOUR interviews we are doing in February 2018. This series is focused on the upcoming new block-based editor coming to WordPress 5.0, named Gutenberg. In this first interview, we chat with Joost de Valk, founder of Yoast.com about how he and his team are preparing his pluins for Gutenberg. There is a 25 minutes interview, followed by an AMA section from our AWP members.


Content Creators & Business Owners

Kojishi Dae: Gutenberg Basics
Getting started using Gutenberg for content creators and business owners. Where Gutenberg originates from, what’s it good for, how to take advantage of it and which latest features should be used at your own risk. Presentation Slides »

Monique Dubbelman: Meet Gutenberg – the new publishing experience for WordPress
With the release of WordPress 5.0, users will encounter a whole new publishing experience in WordPress. The classic editor that we’ve used for the past 14 years, will be replaced by something revolutionary: meet Gutenberg! Will you see a big difference and will it affect your everyday workflows? The answer is yes! However, it is nothing to be afraid of. In this talk, you will find out what potential opportunities Gutenberg brings to WordPress in the near future. In this talk, which includes a short live demo, you will learn a brief overview of the possibilities of the new editor, what it means for your current installed theme and plugins and how you can contribute.

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