Update #86 Gutenberg Blocks & Themes for your WordPress site

This week, I focused on custom blocks and how to make your current theme ready for Gutenberg.  We also collected a few more posts and tweets from the community about using Gutenberg. The mood shifts. 🚀And a new Gutenberg version 3.8 was released, with Full Screen mode, faster parser, improved Drag & Drop, editor styling for themes, and many, many more fixes. 🐛🇬- Share your discoveries in the comments!  — Birgit

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Gutenberg Development

Release Candidates to be tested for a week

With over 300,000 active installs the Gutenberg feature plugin is now widely distributed and its developers changed the release process. Once a version is ready to be released it’s first released as a release candidate and the WordPress Test team does a call for volunteers to test particular aspects of the release candidate version. Sheri Bigelow posted the first call for the 3.8 release-candidate last week.

New Version (3.8) – Full Screen and Faster Parser

Today the team released Gutenberg 3.8.  One of the highlights is “Full Screen Mode” for the editor space. Together with the Spotlight Mode and the Unified Toolbar, users can customize the editor screen from the default – “everything is a block” – to “hide all the blocks” , to “give me one toolbar” scenarios

Matias also mentions that this version is considerably faster with a new parser’, which reads the post_content into the editor, also for very long posts. For more technical insight you can read the discussion on GitHub

The Gutenberg team released 3.9-RC. Help testing it!


Using Gutenberg



Make your Current Theme Gutenberg Ready


#280Blocks – Get yourself some Gutenberg blocks!


Block Development

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