Update #87 FAQ on WordPress 5.0 release, Gutenberg around the World. And Blocks, so many Blocks

Find below an FAQ block, courtesy of Yoast SEO, with a highly speculative idea on when we might see a WordPress 5.0 release. Gutenberg 3.8 was released, and 3.9 RC is available for testing. The WordPress.com roll-out started.  Gutenberg was not only topic at WordCamps in New York and Valencia, but also at Drupal Europe and at #ONA18 the Online News Association conference in Austin, Texas. Check out the photos from around the World. Also find more Blocks for your website and resources to develop your own blocks. Happy Monday! — Birgit  💕
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Building Gutenberg

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FAQ about Gutenberg release into WordPress Core

When will WordPress 5.0 be released?

No-one knows. When Gutenberg is ready. Are some common answers. And I don’t know anything else. 

The official WordPress 5.0 release page has not been updated since November 2017 and features lot of “TBD”s.  We need to wait for a public discussion of the merge proposal once that’s accepted, a Kick-off Meeting will be scheduled.

I estimate that we will see a 5.0 Beta 1 version Mid November just in time for WordCamp US. Matt Mullenweg, co-founder of WordPress and CEO at Automattic, might include lessons from the merge proposal in his annual “State of the Word” (STOW) presentation. After that we might see a 5.0 Beta 2 Mid December just before the holidays.  Everyone will be out until Mid January. We start again with Beta 3 and Beta 4 . The RC 1 might arrive at the end of February 2019 with a final release in March 2019. For our company planning we will wait with upgrades and training of content creators until 5.0.2 or 5.0.3 are out. Planning-wise that brings us to Summer 2019.

I might be totally wrong. I have no particular insight into the planning. I follow #core and #core-editor meetings on Slack, read GitHub issues and check on the progress of milestones.
Mullenweg quote during Q & A Gutenberg Roadmap

When will Gutenberg be the default editor

The plan is to release Gutenberg in WordPress core with the release of the Version 5.0. WordPress 5.0 is a major release and the roll-out will not happen automatically. Companies offering managed WordPress hosting will test the new release for a period of time before they upgrade clients’ sites to the version.

If you feel for any reason, that your site won’t be ready for Gutenberg yet, you can install the plugin called Classic Editor to keep the current editor running on your site.

For more granular control over which content and post type is edited with Gutenberg, you’ll find 16 Methods to avoid Gutenberg editor, when it becomes available in WordPress 5.0
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Using Gutenberg For Content Creation

WP Buffs
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#280Blocks – Gutenberg Blocks


Developing for Gutenberg – Blocks

Zac Gordon offers two online course for developers and designers:

  1. Gutenberg Block Development
  2. Gutenberg Theme Development
Courses for Developers - JavaScript for WordPress with Zac Gordon
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📢 Now on available: Advanced Gutenberg Development  📢


Photos from around the World



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