Update #90 – WordPress 5.0 Beta 1 and Gutenberg 4.1 with Nested Block Paths and Video Cover, Blocks Galore and more.

Gutenberg 4.1 lists new features: Page & Block Navigation, High Contrast Mode, Auto formatting, Audible Messages, “options” modal, video for Cover block and plenty of bug fixes. It’s available as release candidate. Speaking of release: Yes, WordPress Core 5.0 Beta 1 was released early this morning. More blocks for your content, plugin authors are getting ready for the block editor as well as Themes builders. Another vast array of goodies for the Gutenberg early adopters.
Have fun – and keep testing Gutenberg! — Birgit 💕💕

Table of Contents

WordPress & Gutenberg Development

WordPress 5.0 Beta 1 is released. It come with Gutenberg as the default editor, the new default Theme Twenty-Nineteen and all other default themes updated for Gutenberg styling. 

If you want to leave on the bleeding edge, use Daniel Bachhuber’s “Gutenberg Nightly Build” Plugin, which pulls a new version form the master branch on GitHub.


Using Gutenberg

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Peter Roesler wrote in Inc about the new editor in WordPress and reaches corners outside the immediate WordPress Community. This week, it’s all about the good, the great + the “going to take some getting used to” elements of Gutenberg.



Finding Blocks #280Blocks


Creating Blocks

Courses for Developers - JavaScript for WordPress with Zac Gordon
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📢 Now on available: Advanced Gutenberg Development  📢


Photos around the World

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