Update #91 – Getting ready for WordPress 5.0 + Block Editor (Gutenberg), User Experiences, Accessibility discussion & #280Blocks

Everybody is getting ready for WordPress 5.0 – Developers on various Core teams are working feverishly merging Gutenberg into the WordPress core. With the 2nd beta version available, Themes and plugin developers are making their products compatible with the new default editor or building guard rails around it. We see lot more opinions on Twitter from bloggers and content creators. Some express joy working with Gutenberg, and some are opting for the Classic Editor. Blocks for the editor are mushrooming in various initiatives.  This Round-up post is extremely rich. Grab your favorite beverage and enjoy!  — Birgit 💕

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WordPress Core & Gutenberg Development

GutenStats.Blog November 2nd, 2018 1:30am

With WordPress 5.0 beta released, plugin and themes developers are busy making their products Gutenberg compatible.


Accessibility and Gutenberg

Also take your time to read the various comments. It’s gives a lot of insights on what Gutenberg developers are aiming for and what their process is. The discussion is very civil and thoughtful.

The post was one of the more rationale and reasoned looks at everything, and I really appreciate Joe and the team’s work in putting it together. It’s a starting point for prioritizing the extensive accessibility work that has gone into improving WP’s core editor already, but a key thing we have to fix is the team working in a less adversarial way with all the other contributors to WordPress — for example collaborating on posts like this, not tossing them over the transom.

Matt Mullenweg commented on above article on the WPTavern, read the rest there.


Using Gutenberg – User Experiences



Updates on Themes for Gutenberg

Developers and the new WordPress editor


Blocks, Blocks, Blocks #280Blocks



Photos From Around the World

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