Update #93 – WordPress progresses towards 5.0 – Gutenberg Block Galore

WordPress 5.0 Beta 5 was released this week. The RC1 version is scheduled on Monday. Gutenberg’s latest version is 4.4 with features and UI upgrades that were discussed for quite some time, months even. We also heard a few voices who lobbied for a January release date of WordPress 5.0, with some well argued considerations. The number of actives installs of the Gutenberg plugin crossed the 700,000 threshold. Plugins developers are able to refine their blocks and update to the latest. I found a series of posts and plugins that help building blocks for the non-programmers or the non-JavaScript crowd. Very interesting approaches! More and more themes developers are finishing up their work to incorporate Gutenberg features in existing products or create new themes.

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WordPress 5.0 + Block Editor in Development

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Getting Ready for WordPress 5.0



Using Gutenberg

Graphic: Screenshot of WordPress 5.0 + Gutenberg Editor PDF eBook.
iThemes Tutorials


#280 Blocks – separate, in collections and in the Gutenberg Cloud.


Building Blocks and Plugin Development

In this recorded YouTube Live Q & A episode, Hendrik and I talked about building sites with blocks while Gutenberg is still in development. Hendrik demos a few of the blocks and walks us through the design process.
YouTube is still rendering my edits. It’s still the raw footage. Please be patient. — Birgit 💕


Form editor & simple template system to build Gutenberg blocks – Block Lab

Few mates and I have been building a WordPress plugin that makes building custom Gutenberg block a heck of a lot easier.

Rob Stinson (@rob_stino) , Marketing manager tweeted on Thursday:

A very easy way for PHP or Themes developers to add Blocks to their sites and take advantage of Gutenberg without any Javascript. It’s a basic form generator combined with a template engine. — Birgit


Themes – Gutenberg Ready



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