The second, virtual WordCamp will take place on April 18, 2020. The schedule starts at 11:45 and ends around 8pm EDT. Find the talks about the Block Editor below.

12:00 pm Genesis or Twenty Twenty? With Mary Baum

“Genesis has totally integrated with the block editor and partnered with Atomic Blocks to become the single easiest way to get a great-looking site up”

Mary Baum is a designer, veteran creative and professional computer breaker, builds for tennis people and companies, and edits copy on the WordPress Core team

1:00 pm Make It Pretty: Block Editor for New Writers with Christiana Mohr

“Together, we’ll analyze the costs and benefits of creating content using Gutenberg Blocks. Most of the talk will be focused on a very practical, step-by-step facilitated lesson geared toward new and evolving bloggers and writers.”

Christina Mohr is a WordPress Community Leader and professional writer/designer slowly evolving into a developer.

2:00 pm Gutenberg and how it’s disrupting WordPress with Mark Uraine

“We’ll examine the ways in which Gutenberg is going to change WordPress and how the ecosystem can prepare for what’s coming.”

Mark Uraine is Design Director at Automattic and Design Lead of Gutenberg Phase 2.

3:00 pm Workshop: Gutenberg Block Party with Alicia St Rose

“In this workshop, we’ll create a visually pleasing landing page using GeneratePress theme and native Gutenberg blocks.”

Alicia St. Rose is owner, principal designer and developer at WP with Heart, a small agency that employs one…so far

4:00 pm Block Building with Elizabeth Shilling

“A top-level look at finding different solutions within the options of block building – from working with existing block libraries to block building with redux for custom applications.

Elizabeth Schilling is an experienced plug-in developer, concerned with developing the future of WordPress for all and has been deeply involved in the community for many years.

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