Videos: WordCamp Santa Clarita: Block Editor and Gutenberg Talks #WCSCV April 2020

The second, virtual WordCamp took place on April 18, 2020. The videos are up on WordPress TV.

In these talks, you learn

  • How to create professional websites with blocks together with the Themes based on Genesis (Mary Baum) and GeneratePress (Alicia St Rose),
  • how to use create-block scaffolding tool for custom block development, (Elizabeth Shilling) and
  • how Gutenberg is changing WordPress as we know it (Mark Uriane)

Session descriptions, bios, slide decks are from the WordCamp Site and videos from WordPress TV.

Genesis or Twenty Twenty? with Mary Baum

“In the last two years, Genesis has totally integrated with the block editor and partnered with Atomic Blocks to become the single easiest way to get a great-looking site up that will actually tell your visitors what they most want to know about you and whatever you’re offering.

In short, it’s become a content creator’s dream.

But it’s taking me some time to unlearn a few of the habits that made me fall in love with Genesis as a front-end developer/designer. (Would you believe I’ve never had a default theme installed on a production site?)

But in my current life I’m on the Core team! (As a volunteer.) Maybe it’s time to get elbows-deep in Twenty-Twenty and see what I can do with it … and let you know what I find.”

Mary Baum is a designer, veteran creative and professional computer breaker, builds for tennis people and companies, and edits copy on the WordPress Core team

Gutenberg and how it’s disrupting WordPress with Mark Uraine

Gutenberg is on the cusp of completely disrupting WordPress. Mark talked about how “Phase 2” started, how it’s evolved, and where it’s going. He examined the ways in which Gutenberg is going to change WordPress and how the ecosystem can prepare for what’s coming.

Mark Uraine is Design Director at Automattic, Design Lead of Gutenberg Phase 2 and co-host on the Gutenberg Changelog podcast.

Session Slides

Workshop: Gutenberg Block Party with Alicia St Rose

Yo! It’s time to throw down with Gutenberg!

Alicia embraced Gutenberg from the start, and she has seen it through its humble beginnings as it’s evolved into a rather keen editor. As Alicia worked with it, she has collected some tricks and tips to make it more manageable when she created sharp landing pages and other groovy layouts.

In this workshop, Alicia created a visually pleasing landing page using GeneratePress theme and native Gutenberg blocks.

GeneratePress is a powerful Gutenberg ready theme that allows customizations through the admin customizer. It’s also developer friendly with the ability to add hooks to extend the page layouts. Alicia got as geeky as the crowd allowed!

Are you ready to party?

Alicia St. Rose is the owner, principal designer and developer at WP with Heart, a small agency that employs one…so far

Session Slides

Block Building with Elizabeth Shilling

“A look at top-level block development for all uses, applications, & beyond.

Covering popular ways to work with Gutenberg blocks. A top-level look at finding different solutions within the options of block building – from working with existing block libraries to block building with redux for custom applications. An overview of the future of block development.

Elizabeth also discussed block starters, dynamic blocks, block templates, redux, touching briefly on variables, and performance issues.

Elizabeth Schilling is an experienced plug-in developer, concerned with developing the future of WordPress for all and has been deeply involved in the community for many years.

Session Slides

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