Resources: WPBlockTalk sessions

WPBlockTalk was a free, virtual event and took place April 2, 2020. This event was organized through the WordPress community with support from Automattic.

We collected the resources available for you and will update it as soon as the videos are available. We have already a few links to the slide decks.

12 Sessions by 20 speakers

Best day of engaging talks I have experienced in a very long time.”

Jeremy Techtmann

The Gutenberg Roadmap (plus a demo)

Matt Mullenweg and Matias Ventura will take us through that to expect in future iterations of the block editor and how you can better prepare for upcoming releases. 

Case Studies

Case Study: Creating Atomic Blocks

Ever wanted to see behind the curtain and learn about the thought and design process that goes into creating great blocks for WordPress? In this case study, Mike McAlister will provide precisely that perspective. 

Case Study: EditorsKit and Block Styling

Jeffrey Carandang is going to walk us through the features provided by EditorsKit and explain what caused him to build this super helpful plugin. 

Case Study: Migrating from Shortcodes to Blocks

Are you maintaining any projects that utilize shortcodes and looking to make the switch to blocks? K.Adam White will share a few examples to help you make this transition more easily. 

KAdam’s Slides

Gutenberg Phase 2, G2 & Global Styles

Global Styles: What’s in the Works?

Tammie Lister is going to share what’s in store for global styles within the block editor. This is another peek into what’s coming and how you can take advantage of (and contribute to) the power of the block editor.

Tammie Lister’s Slides

The Evolution of Extensibility in Gutenberg

The block editor has come a long way since it was first introduced in the Gutenberg feature plugin. Join Miguel Fonasca and Grzegorz Ziolkowski to learn about how extensibility has evolved from then til now.

Overhauling the Blocks UI: Lessons Learned

Both Joen Asmussen and Pablo Honey are going to share some of the important (and sometimes difficult) lessons learned from the process of creating a new user interface for blocks. 

Extending the Block Editor with Tools and Styles

Rich Tabor is going to provide a great presentation on things he’s personally done to improve the editing experience through his work with CoBlocks and beyond.

Rich Tabor’s slides are available here

Accessibility & Gutenberg: Keyboard-only Navigation

Enrique Sanchez is going to show you what it’s like to operate Gutenberg using nothing but a keyboard.


Crafting Components with Storybook

Learn how you can design and build your blocks in Storybook in order to rapidly prototype your ideas with this quick tutorial from Jon Q.

How to Speed Up Development with Block Scaffolding

Spend 10 minutes and save yourself hours when creating custom blocks. Greg Ziolkowski will show you how to make the most of the block scaffolding command.

Case Studies: How to Prepare your Theme for Gutenberg

Are you updating an older site to take advantage of the block editor? These case studies from Bill Erickson, Ellen Bauer, and Beth Soderberg will help you to best prepare and make the most of your effort.

Make Unique Designs by Combining Blocks

Mel Choyce-Dwan will share her creativity and show you how you can produce some unique and interesting layouts by combining different blocks.

Mel’s Slides

Gutenberg Beyond the Block

To close things out, Victor Ramirez is going to show us what’s possible with the block editor with examples that are beyond what you might otherwise expect.