Block editor for screen readers, Reusable blocks and so much more – Weekend Edition #160

Howdy, howdy! I found plenty of Gutenberg posts around the net. From the DevNotes for the next major WordPress version to plugin updates and first feedback from the FSE second call for testing. With the first release candidate of WordPress 5.7 available, we also get to study the upcoming features and changes via the Field […]

The WordPress Block Patterns Resource List

Introduced to WordPress writers, theme developers and implementers in WordPress 5.5 release, Block Patterns, tested in the Gutenberg plugins since its 7.7 version, came to all WordPress sites. They open the door to be creative with blocks and make creative layouts available for content creators and site editors without using more than the core blocks. […]

Block Manager, Preference Modal, Widget Screen, and so much more – Weekend Edition #158

Howdy, howdy, It’s Saturday again. It’s a more leisurely pace in our 2-person household. We enjoyed breakfast (scrambled eggs, spinach, mushrooms, red beets and avocado) on our Floridian lanai, at 75° F/ 24° C. There are plenty of places that struggle with snow, rain and freezing weather. I wished, I could send you more warmth. […]

Block-Editor Performance, SEO with blocks, Full-Site-Editing and Newspack

Weekend Edition #157 Howdy, howdy, This week, we experienced a release galore! The core team has been busy pushing out three releases: 🙌 🎉 WordPress 5.6.1 with necessary bug fixes of the December version WordPress 5.7 Beta 1 Apart from updates to the Block Editor, new features will come to WordPress core: lazy-loading iframes, streamlined migration from […]

Full-Site Editing picks up steam, Block-based Themes and Plugins for the WordPress Block-Editor

Weekend Edition #156 Howdy, howdy, There was a lot of Gutenberg in my week! How is your week going? Monday, I was with Nathan Wrigley and Paul Lacey of This Week in WordPress #147 for an early podcast recording. We discussed Block Editor and Page Builders, Gutenberg contributions and then, of course, other WordPress News. […]

Live Q & A: Updates to Full-Site Editing and Block-based Themes

On January 29th, 2021, our latest Live Q & A took place. The fabulous Carolina Nymark, Anne McCarthy and Ari Stathopoulos answered many questions about Full-site Editing and block-based themes. Links shared during the show: The 5.7 overview of Global Styles For the FSE outreach program The slack channel is #fse​-outreach-experiment Josepha Haden Big […]

WordFest, Big Audacious Goal, Block Editor Plugins and more

Weekend Edition #155 Howdy, howdy, This week felt that I finally landed in the new year. I could focus on client projects, manage distractions well. I found back to the rhythm of working every day. Feels good. It’s been a while that I talked so much to so many people about the block-editor and Gutenberg […]

Case Study: A #Nocode Contributor Journey On The WordPress Gutenberg GitHub Repo

WordFest 2021 Talk by Birgit Pauli-Haack Ways a non-developer can contribute via the GitHub repository. Example: WordPress Gutenberg. Learn some lingo, creating and commenting on issues, search labels and work on finding solutions by commenting on design, and functionality. You don’t have to be a developer to contribute to WordPress. A very important session showing […]

Weekend Edition #154 WordPress Page Builders and Blocks

Howdy, howdy. We had another interesting week and a lot of creativity around the block-editor. I hope, you enjoy this eclectic collection of links from brilliant people sharing their expertise on podcasts, YouTube shows, Meetups, and in blog posts. Let’s dive in … Yours, 💕Birgit Sections Block-editor for Content Creators At WordPress Meetup Montclair, Laura […]