Update #38 Gutenberg Resources, blog posts, demos and code

How #Gutenberg is looking so far: being a WordPress user is going to become much easier. Being a #WordPress developer is going to be a hell of a lot harder.— Urge (@wickedurge) December 12, 2017 Tweeting this as a pinned note to myself for future reference – feel free to share! 😎Important #Gutenberg links:===================https://t.co/5bwwEa8rUvhttps://t.co/6XW4MX9zQ6https://t.co/uktwQZ20xhhttps://t.co/YRvi0swU3L pic.twitter.com/duEJaY8gCW— […]

Update #37 Gutenberg Notes, Comments, discussions and code.

You wonder what will happen to your Custom Fields once Gutenberg is merged to WordPress, find out in my latest post https://t.co/xUnASTi7px Also, try the Gutenberg Custom Fields Plugin https://t.co/njTZDm7aDy #Gutenberg #WordPress— Riad Benguella (@riadbenguella) December 11, 2017 What’s new in Gutenberg? (11th December) – version 1.9 – Reusable blocks and more by @matias_ventura #WordPress […]

Update #36 Custom Fields, Forms, Gutenberg at WordCamp US and more

Custom Fields in Gutenberg – a plugin by @riadbenguella https://t.co/un2tJlT8az #WordPress build templates for structured data. pic.twitter.com/TTGQVv2JK7— NPTechProjects (@nptechdata) December 9, 2017 Yesterday: Blog post about how excited I am for Gutenberg.Today: @calderaforms Gutenberg blocks.Also, a lot of gratitude to @zgordon and @MrAhmadAwais for helping me learn this. pic.twitter.com/y4A71xQ1qK— Josh Pollock (@Josh412) December 9, 2017 […]

Update #35 Fresh back from WordCamp US – comments, discussions, insights about Gutenberg and its pending integration into WordPress Core

My Big Takeaway from WordCamp US 2017: Gutenberg https://t.co/nOLfOW0QtD— Δ L E X P Δ T I N 🕳️ (@patin__) December 7, 2017 Ever since @mor10's #WCUS talk, I've been thinking about this #Gutenberg dichotomy: We are simultaneously tying content and presentation closer than ever before while promoting the modularity of data that can be […]

Update #34 WordCamp US Recaps – Gutenberg and State of the Word

Gutenberg topic w/ live demo by lead Developer Matis Ventura starts around time stamp 35:00. And the live tweets. I think @matias_ventura is coding live on stage. #WCUS #SOTW pic.twitter.com/rD3TWGXGoy— Matt Mullenweg (@photomatt) December 2, 2017 Three focuses on 2018: #Gutenberg editing, #Gutenberg customization, and a #Gutenberg theme. @photomatt #WCUS #STOW— David Bisset (@dimensionmedia) December […]

Update #33

Christmas blog theme by @carolinapoena now in the #WordPress theme directory. https://t.co/sRXf3L7cS1 …It is a CSS grid theme w/ custom SVG icons and Gutenberg blocks. "it was a fun and very quick project." pic.twitter.com/Xfa4S8CWAT— Birgit Pauli-Haack (@bph) November 28, 2017 People of #WordPress: #WCUS is happening on my b'day weekend 🎂🎉 so if you are […]

Gutenberg Community Voices July 6, 2017

Three weeks after WordCamp Europe 2017,  pasting content into Gutenberg was on the radar for the development team, and more questions arise. What does it mean for plugin developers, what’s the envision for Gutenberg before it goes into core, and how can you leave feedback, once you test Gutenberg yourself?  Disclaimer: Originally posted on Storify, […]