Update #58 Gutenberg Interviews , blocks plugins & how-tos, and long awaited updates from the core-editor team.

The next milestone for Gutenberg is the merge proposal into core. Today Matias Ventura published a post on what Gutenberg features will make it into core. The post on Github also lists the work that still needs to be done to be ready for the merge. An overview of the major functionality to be introduced […]

Update #52 – All Things Gutenberg

First published on Storify – Now at its permanent home on Gutenberg Times. Photo by Amador Loureiro on @unsplash Subscribe to weekly updates via email https://t.co/eGXR7H5OMy Birgit Pauli-Haack @bph curates #Gutenberg news for you. pic.twitter.com/sAfDy0Zmiu— Gutenberg Times (@gutenbergtimes) January 22, 2018 What to limit the blocks available on your Gutenberg site? Walter Ebert has the […]

Update #51 Block building demos, toolkit, teaching & learning and more

Gutenberg Click to Tweet Block 🎉 Excited to launch — `create-guten-block` 🔥 ⚛ 📦 A zero-config #0CJS dev-toolkit for building #WordPress #Gutenberg block plugins.👉 Blogpost → https://t.co/4rSBTxrIwI 💠 GitHub → https://t.co/1w5WNd0ioN🔰ONE sane defaults dependency!♻️ Develop📦 Build🥞 Eject pic.twitter.com/SPOmyRzgje— Ahmad Awais | 🎩 VSCode.pro (@MrAhmadAwais) January 20, 2018 Going Gutenberg: Chapter I https://t.co/WRpWNxbWTs #gutenberg via @TheEventsCal […]

Update #50 Gutenberg

This was published on January 16, 2018 on the Storify, now available on Gutenberg Times.  Pasting Markdown text directly in Gutenberg. pic.twitter.com/t9jFywK2Bk— Matías Ventura (@matias_ventura) January 16, 2018 Gutenberg Beginners Tips by Zac Gordon https://t.co/aCbq8kMS0o pic.twitter.com/h0Jwo2RmBx— WordPress Meets SWFL (@wpswfl) January 17, 2018 An amazing #WordPress Orlando meetup last night with @photomatt answering questions on […]

Update #49 How do consultants prepare for the work ahead w/ Gutenberg, User are delighted, new courses for users and developers and more

So – trying out @WordPress #Gutenberg for the first time and I'm getting this spine tingly "ohh shiny this is nice" type feeling =D— Jack Skinner’;— (@developerjack) January 14, 2018 Survey Says… What's Gutenberg? https://t.co/25CoWw7pdF via @wpcommaven— Birgit Pauli-Haack (@bph) February 10, 2018 2018 is the year I finally learn JavaScript (and you should too)https://t.co/hXoKPTHRwA#wordpress […]