Museum of Block Art is Open for Submissions!

The Museum of Block Art is now offering an official way to submit your art. Explore the power of the editor, create something wonderful, and give back to the community all at once.

After launching the Museum of Block Art, a community project showcasing the power of the block editor and dedicated to pushing the limits of WordPress, folks began asking how they could submit their art pieces. While the #WPBlockArt hashtag worked to start, with the launch of WordPress 6.0 and nearly 25K views on the site, it felt time to offer a more official pathway along with a few folks to help review submissions when needed:

As much as you can, please try to create art in the following spirit:

  • Using the block editor with core blocks (the blocks that come with WordPress), with very limited custom CSS (ideally none at all).
  • Using the latest version of WordPress (6.0).
  • Pushing the boundaries of what feels possible with WordPress.

In order to submit, you will need:

  • A high resolution screenshot of what you created (this is what will be featured).
  • The HTML Markup of the block(s).
  • A social media account or website that you want linked to for your submission. 
  • A title of your art piece.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your creations and wondering how folks have made theirs, I definitely recommend playing with dimension controls, duotone, and the Row/Stack/Group blocks. You can also check out the Index and view any individual piece you’d like to see how they were made thanks to the markup that’s included. 

In true WordPress community fashion, I won’t be alone in reviewing the submissions–I’ll have help from a lovely group of volunteers as needed. Please give a big thank you to Tammie Lister, Rachel Winchester, Rich Tabor, and Ana Segota for making up a lovely review crew. 

Stay tuned for more updates. Perhaps if submissions continue over more releases, the Museum of Block Art can even have special exhibits based on each release, further showing how the design tools continue to evolve as time goes on. Time (and the number of submissions) will tell! Can’t wait to see what you create.