Update #57 – Gutenberg Online Live Events + Developers views and more

We keep listening to the ongoing conversation about Gutenberg the new visual editor for content on WordPress sites. It's schedule to be released sometime in 2018 with the WordPress 5.0 release. This site uses Gutenberg in production for testing purposes only. 

If you are testing Gutenberg too, the best way to complain about quirks and confusion is to create an issue on the WordPress Gutenberg repository on Github. That's also where you learn more about known issues.
If you have questions, use the live events to get them answered or join the #core-editor channel on the WordPress Slack space. to discuss them with the developer team 

Online Live Events in February & March

Gutenberg Live Events Schedule

Web developers ruminating

A twitter discussion between two developer outside of WordPress eco-system. 


Developers starting adopting their plugins and sites to Gutenberg


Development Tools for Creating Blocks 


How to Build Custom Gutenberg Blocks: a Beginner’s Guide

Where can you learn more about Gutenberg? 
Start here: WordPress.org/Gutenberg

Pictures from Around the World

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash