Update #78 Tools to Get Ready – #280Blocks – Beyond Gutenberg

What did this week bring to Gutenberg and the WordPress community?

Rich Tabor’s Block Unit Test helps you getting your themes ready for Gutenberg. Morten Rand-Hendrickson published a proposal to improved handling responsive images in themes in a Gutenberg world.

Read Adrian Roselli’s post to his clients prepareing them for Gutenberg and setting expectations regarding support for transitions. What can you tell them, without getting lost in the weeds? You’ll find more blocks for your content creations and also a birds-eye-view on what will happen after Gutenberg is released in Core: How will WordPress dominate the space of Progressive Web Apps and the Amped-up world. Or save the date of the next Gutenberg webinar w/ Daniel Bachhuber hosted by Brian Hogg.

There is so much more in this post. Grab’ your favorite drink, put on the favorite energy music and dive in!

Leave a comment on what we missed or what you have been working on.  Or ping me on Twitter – DMs are open!  — Birgit

Table of Contents

Developing Gutenberg

Gutenberg 3.1.1 provides two bug fixes.

  • for Firefox & Safari users, who weren’t able to add blocks via the ‘sibling inserter’ – the insert which appears between blocks. (Issue #7508)
  • You are now able to edit your Permalinks again (Yay!)  (Issue #7467)

Getting Ready for Gutenberg

WCEU Panel Discusses Progressive WordPress Themes, AMP, and Gutenberg
Gutenberg and the WordPress of tomorrow

Blocks Galore #280Blocks

Nested Blocks and Child Blocks in Gutenberg

Photos from around the World

Photo: Sculpture – Barcelona by Stephen Clegg, 2009 cleggart.com

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