Update #80 Gutenberg Is Getting Ready for Hundreds of Thousands of Users

Gutenberg is coming soon to a WordPress Dashboard near you. Are you and your sites ready? This seems to be the main emphasis for this round up post, information on how site-owners, developers, designers and consultant get ready for Gutenberg, most of it geared towards the WordPress 5.0 release when Gutenberg becomes the default editor.
The next main section is the where  content creators comment on their experience and in anticipation of Gutenberg. You also find additional posts on Themes for Gutenberg as well as more Blocks plugins that became available in the last couple of days.

Don’t miss the first post, a call for comment for the redesign of the Gutenberg Landing page

Table of Contents

Gutenberg Development and the Future of WordPress

Transcript is available on GoDaddy UK Blog
8 Truths about Gutenberg
Will Gutenberg Editor Make or Break WordPress?

Getting Your Site Ready for Gutenberg

Cover: Gutenberg Live Q & A for nonprofits with Birgit Pauli-Haack & WP4Good July 26th at 3pm

Gutenberg for Content Creators

Don’t have time to put a “What’s Gutenberg” blog together or even record a video? Use Morten Rand-Hendrikson’s  video: “WordPress Next: Gutenberg and the new WordPress Block Editor” and share it with your clients, editors, admins and everyone else who needs to know about it. Reference it in your newsletter and the footer of you emails. It’s that good.


Let them have Blocks! #280Blocks

Theme Development for Gutenberg Blocks

Gutenberg 101: What the New WordPress Editor Means for Designers

Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash