Update #81 – New Blocks, Updated plugins for “New WordPress publishing experience” and more

The final wording on the Call-out inviting WordPress WP-Admin users to try Gutenberg is “A new, modern WordPress publishing experience is coming soon”. If all goes well, the prompt will be released on July 31, 2018, with it’s offering of installing Gutenberg of the Classic Editor. In the meantime, the Gutenberg team released their next version, fixing a few APIs and adding more blocks and additional attribute to video and audio blocks.  Various block bearing plugins received updates as well and we discovered newly created blocks. Photos from Costa Rica and Boston: People at Gutenberg events.

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Gutenberg Development

Version 3.3 was released July 20, 2018

“Most of the updates are around refining the experience and strengthening the API surface, new server rendered blocks added to the library, and multiple packages being extracted as the APIs mature,” summarized Matias Ventura (@matias_ventura) in his post

What’s new in Gutenberg? (20th July)

Milestone: Call Out.

The team is also focused on Milestone “Call out” – “Tasks that would be good to get sorted for the WordPress 4.9.8 admin notice.” – release date tentatively scheduled for July 25th, 2018, a few days before the Try Gutenberg prompts will be released in 4.8.9. In this week’s #core meeting, Tammie Lister left the door open for the team to punt again on the dashboard call out, should the blockers not be removed fast enough for the Release Candidate schedule for July 24, 2019.

Update: “Try Gutenberg” Call-out available in WordPress 4.9.8
Block Attributes Glossary


Video & Live Q & A


Using Gutenberg and getting ready

GutenReady for the Gutenpocalypse – Educating Gutenberg


Plugins compatible with Gutenberg



Updated Blocks for Gutenberg editor #280 Blocks


Photos from Around the World