Update #79 – Gutenberg API Freeze, Developing Blocks , Site Readiness Tools and much more

With last Friday’s release Gutenberg is considered “Feature Complete” and the contributors switched focus to bug fixes, enhancements, backwards compatibility and API stability. Also, the core team is getting ready to finalize design on the “Try Gutenberg” prompt.  We see a lot more sophisticated Gutenberg blocks surfacing and site owners and agencies are sharing their methods for testing sites for their Gutenberg Readiness.

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News on Gutenberg Development 

Version 3.2 was released last Friday

The change log has again 115 items listed. And the development team sees it as “Feature Complete”, incorporating every feature they wanted before they start working on the merge proposal for the WordPress Core integration.

What’s New in Gutenberg? (6th July)

Gutenberg API Freeze and Depreciation List

Grzegorz (Greg) Ziółkowski‏  posted:  “If you have been wondering which public APIs might be subject to change, you can check this GitHub Project page: API Freeze. Also, he iterated about Gutenberg’s deprecation policy: supporting backwards-compatibility any change for two minor releases, when possible. He shared the current deprecation list from the project’s documentation section.  

Next Steps for Gutenberg Mobile

Upcoming Prompt to “Try Gutenberg”

Update: “Try Gutenberg” Call-out available in WordPress 4.9.8
WordPress 4.9.8 to Introduce “Try Gutenberg” Callout

Tomorrow, July 11,  at the Core development meeting people will discuss the latest revisions for the “Try Gutenberg” prompt on the WordPress trac ticket

Yesterday, Kjell Reigstad posted another iteration of the possible designs. All three show a block selection window and language that give the user choices and assistance regarding their decisions to try it or not. Here is one of the mock-ups. 

Your Themes & Gutenberg

How to Test Your Theme for Gutenberg?
Block Unit Test Plugin Helps WordPress Theme Developers Prepare for Gutenberg

Using Gutenberg / Testing your site 

Create a Copy of Your WordPress Site to Test Gutenberg

Or not …

Blocks Galore

Drop It Plugin Brings Gifs and Unsplash Photos to Gutenberg

Photos from around the World