This week, I collected a great array of useful information for just using Gutenberg and finding blocks for your content creation process. See a VR (Virtual Reality) image block in action, find blocks in a public directory and read more about using Gutenberg for your storefront. Also, some voices from users and their successful transition to Gutenberg for content creation or revamp of their websites. I also found a few secret tips for power users. The next version 3.7 will come out tomorrow. Help testing the pre-release and grab the zip file from the Test Make Blog.

Table of Contents

Developing Gutenberg

WordPress to Support Classic Editor for “Many Years to Come,” Plugin and Theme Markets Expected to Drive Gutenberg Adoption


Using Gutenberg

## gives you a H2 heading, ### an H3 Heading
1. + space starts an ordered list.
Gutenberg Contributors Considering a “Focus Mode” for Writing


#280Blocks and Block management

See it in action on my personal blog
Distributor publicly released with Gutenberg support and Enterprise service offering


Developer & Designer resources

Gutenberg Categories
Courses for Developers - JavaScript for WordPress with Zac Gordon
Check ’em out now!

📢 Now on available: Advanced Gutenberg Development  📢


Photos from around the World

Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

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