Update #98 Getting used to the Block Editor, Learning Block Building, Plugins Getting Compatible

People paying more attention on using the new block editor and finding amazing hidden secrets. More and more developers explore learning how to build blocks and more an more plugins are getting compatible with the new editor. The most fun, I have had is finding new blocks and continue on my quest to find #280Blocks. What are your favorite blocks? Let me know in the comment section.

– Happy New Year! May 2019 be a happy, healthy and prosperous one for you and yours! 💕

Join us on Friday, January 11th, 2019 for a discussion about Supporting and Testing WordPress 5.0 with our brilliant and experienced guests: Marius Jensen, Sheri Bigelow and Hristo Pandjarov!

Cover Image: with headshot of Matias Jenson, Sheri Bigalow and Hristo Pandjarov

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Developing Gutenberg

One month after its release on December 5th, 2019,
WordPress 5.0.x was downloaded over 18 million times.


Using Gutenberg on your WordPress Site

Gutenberg Times Live Q & A with Mika Epstein, Nicola Heald and Zac Gordon

Raw Footage: Sorry, it starts quite abruptly – I messed up the YouTube integration with Zoom. I will add the missing pieces from the Zoom recording… — Birgit 🤔

Wow! I successfully selected and copied an image from *Photoshop Elements” directly into a (Gutenberg) block! I was surprised to hear it was possible during the show. Maybe I should not be surprised — also need to try out the styling for embeds discussed.

Lisa B Snyder on Twitter Dec 29, 2018


Finding Blocks #280Block

Our Update #96 lists a lot of blocks that received a mention during State of the Word.

Can there be too many Blocks? Danny Cooper thinks so and I agree.
Manage your Blocks with his plugin.


Plugins getting updated for WordPress 5.0



Developing For Blocks and extending WordPress

Brent Jett, design lead at Beaver Builder, published a series of articles taking you on a deep dive of developing for Gutenberg.

Jason Bahl’s talk is now on WordPressTV – link to code and slide deck is available here


Photos from around the World

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