Update #66 – Try Gutenberg prompt in 4.9.6, Mobile and Blocks development – Getting ready for site owners, Around the world and more

Another Roundup of resources, discussions and news around Gutenberg – the new visual editor coming to WordPress in 2018 – Covered: Getting ready for site owners, photos from meetups and WordCamps and block development

Update #65 Gutenberg 2.4 released, developers & plugins authors chime in, so do consultants.

Gutenberg Dev Team Your Themes with Gutenberg Question from the #core-editor Slack Channel: What's a theme I can install to have get_theme_support( 'align-wide' )? Answers: Gutenberg Starter Theme Minimalist Theme optimized for Gutenberg Developers of plugins and products are getting ready for Gutenberg Robby McCullough, co-founder of Beaver Builder on Hocked on Products Podcast Using […]

Update #64 Developer Conversations + Updates, Plugin and Blocks and Photos from around the world

Developing Gutenberg Community Video Conversations #GutentagWP Monday, community members came together in the video series "Guten Tag: Think Outside the Block" on CrowdCast. Mark Wilkinson hosted a show with Tammie Lister (design lead), Matias Ventura(dev lead) and Miguel Fonseca (gutenberg dev). The discussed roll-out and community input around Gutenberg as well as design issues and […]

Update #62 – Next Week’s Live events, Video interviews and tutorials, Tips & Tricks around plugins and blocks

Advanced WordPress Facebook Group Administrator Matt Cromwell interviewed design-lead for Gutenberg, Tammie Lister.  Igor Benic published the recording of his webinar "Building Your First Gutenberg Block" Check it out on YouTube For User and Content Creators Short Twitter threads about Coming Back to WordPress Pictures from around the world Photo by Bruno Martins on Unsplash

Update #60 People and community. Great interviews about Gutenberg on video and audio.

Sometimes it's good to take a look from outside the WordPress bubble. Co-leads Tammie Lister & Matias Ventura spend and hour on the Shop Talk podcast.  Matt Mullenweg on Biz Podcast "The Top Entrepreneurs" discussing WordPress, open-source etc. with Nathan Latka (recorded in 2017). We transcribed the Gutenberg bids. Joe Casabona at Phyllis Burps Meetup […]

Steve Burge, PublishPress, on Gutenberg and the Future of WordPress

On Post Status, Dan Knauss interviewed Steve Burge, founder of PublishPress.  With permission form Brain Krogsgard, we repost his answer WordPress’ future and Gutenberg. Read the rest of the Interview on Post Status. Are you optimistic about the future of open source? What are the things that you see that drive your optimism about WordPress? […]